Personal space is important for every person, but you wonder what makes a guy miss you and make him obsessed with you. The very first thing that you must do in front of your boyfriend or a guy you like is to always wear good and clean clothes.
If there is a way to make a man fall in love with you and miss you then touches are important.
This may sound cliche, but it’s probably the most efficient way to make someone miss you like crazy. When you’re in love with someone, obviously you want to spend much time with that person.
As the above point indicates that you should give this guy time and hence chatting and texting should be limited. Now whether he texted you or not, it is your responsibility to text him at night regarding some college or office problem. The common solution to both of these problems is one and only - by learning how do you make someone miss you. 7 Proven Ways of Making Him Miss You like Crazy and Thus, Winning His Full Attention, Heart and Mind! Whenever you meet someone, his specific shampoo or perfume fragrance lasts in your mind even in his absence.
Another way of how to get someone to miss you is by leaving behind your petty yet precious belongings. Another way of how to make a guy miss you is by not instantly responding to his last-minute dating requests or sudden calls. So far you must have seen that how do you make someone miss you is not much a difficult task. Another way of how to make someone miss you is by writing a small note, and putting it secretly inside your guy’s wallet, car or room before you leave. Sometimes we don’t have the time to plan anything, this list of fun things to do with your best friend takes the hassle out of trying to figure out what to do with the spare time that you have or better yet, will give you a boost to just make the time to have a little fun. Make it clear that you have a set schedule and that you can't just chat for hours whenever she feels like it. Staying busy and active will make you a more appealing partner to any self-sufficient girl.
If she thinks that you'll answer the phone every time she calls, then she'll believe that she has you wrapped around her little finger.
If you're nervous about what to say to her, put some thought into it before you talk on the phone.
Notice that not all girls are the same; this is a basic layout of the strategies you should use. The time you spend away from your guy will provide your partner the opportunity to think about how much you were worth.
But to generate a feeling to miss you and your company, you need to sometimes not be with him. However, if you want a detailed plan then you can buy some course provided by the dating gurus like the product of Digital Romance. By subscribing with us, we ensure you that any of your details will not be forwarded to anyone. Doing this, you can give him chance to think about you, crave for you and miss you, and thus easily you can make way back to his heart! For example, whenever you are away, seeing your bracelet, ear ring, or even hair clip can keep you jogging his memory every now and then, and thus, is one of the best way to make someone miss you.
In both ways, if you react oppositely, he will think as he is always in your mind and you have nothing else to do except waiting for his calls or meeting proposals.
In this way, when he spots it later, he will love you more and starts missing you instantly. In this article we have gathered a list of tips and guidelines that will help you through it. Whether you’ve just started seeing each other, been dating for a while, or are married, there never has been a better chance to improve your relationship than instantly. That is okay, because we jump in to help our favorite ladies with our best tips and tricks on how to approach guys.
Naturally, you may be worried that some of the sparks will fade once you don't see each other day to day. If you really want the girl to miss you, then you can't spend all of your time talking to her on the phone, or she'll feel like you're not really away from her at all. But don't be too harsh about it -- sometimes, a long conversation can be the perfect thing to solidify your relationship.
If you'll show up and hang out with her all day any time she calls, then she'll know she can have you whenever she wants you.
Of course, don't be so busy that you have no time for the girl or that it leads you to be stressed out and unhappy with how things are going in your life.

Don't tell the girl absolutely everything that you're thinking or doing every single day of your life, or she'll feel like the mystery in your relationship is gone. You may think that disappearing for a few days, talking about other girls, or not letting the girl know how you really feel will make her miss you even more because she'll get jealous, thinking you're with someone else, which will only make her want to see you. If you want the girl to miss you, then you have to be the last thing she thinks about before she closes her eyes and drifts off.
After you had a fantastic date, you can call her to check in for a minute, but don't go on and on about how much you like her.
If you want the girl to miss you, then you have to leave something with her that reminds her of you.
When you talk to the girl when you're not together, you've got to keep her interested so she wants to see you again. If you want her to miss you because you live far apart, then one cute and unexpected thing you can do is to write her a letter. Though playing hard to get when you're apart is guaranteed to make the girl miss you more, when you're together, you should give it your all. While it is important to spend time together to to win his heart, it is equally important to give some space so that he realizes how special you are and how much he really misses you. Simply, try out these following ways to make him miss you such that no matter he is around you or you are away, in all cases he simply misses you and longs for your company! Once you start showing that you are always there for him and has nothing else to do, in other words, you show that he is the sole activity, ultimate need and end of your life, then how could you even think that this can make him miss you. Think of it this way: a trial separation will be good for the both of you regardless of the outcome. But don't worry -- there are plenty of ways to make a girl miss you when you're not together.
If she knows she can talk to you all day long, she will begin to take you for granted and won't miss you nearly as much as she would if she knew she could only talk to you for twenty or so minutes a day because you're so busy. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, and you can't spend all of your time with the girl or she'll never have a chance to wish you were together.
She has to know that you have your own life, your own stuff going on, your own friends, and your own hobbies, from basketball to playing the guitar. While you don't want to lie to her or sneak off for days at a time, leading her to expect the worst, you shouldn't tell her absolutely everything about yourself and your plans right away.
Therefore, you can't pick up the phone every single time she calls, or respond to her text messages after ten seconds.
It can be a cute bear you got her at the carnival, a sweatshirt of yours that smells of you, or a framed photo of the two of you at a concert on your first date. Even if you can only talk to her for twenty minutes a day, you've got to make that time count. No one writes letters anymore, and she'll appreciate the gesture and will find it incredibly romantic that you made the effort and wrote her a letter.
Make her feel special, tell her how pretty she is, and have an amazing time on your dates so your girl can remember you fondly when you're apart. Her favorite article she’s worked on is How to Keep Cats Out of the House, and her favorite article on wikiHow is How to Care for a New Cat. The next time you’re with him, touch his palms or take it by the arm when crossing the street and let your touch last a little longer than necessary. If you can’t find something then you can gift him a good shirt or t-shirt, perfume or a watch. To make him attracted you can learn from such coarse because these expert tips will boost your chances to win this guy’s heart.
So, the next step toward learning how to make him miss you is that you keep at a distance from him. If you have real good taste of dressing yourself, it will leave you attractive and unforgettable image in his eyes and mind even after you leave.
You just have to strike that perfect balance between letting her know you care about her and playing hard to get so she always wants you. Though you shouldn't limit your time together so much that she never sees you and forgets all about you, you should find a balance where you do get that quality time together, but where she doesn't feel like she can hang out with you all the time. If she thinks that you have nothing going on, then she'll think that she can hang out with you whenever and wherever because you'll never be doing anything so important that you can't drop everything and hang out with her. You want her to feel like she's slowly peeling an onion when she hangs out with you, learning a little bit more about you at a time.
Sure, sometimes you can pick up the phone, and you can text her right away if she's asking you a pressing question, but in general, give it a little time before responding to her or returning her calls. Sure, you don't want to put it all out on the line, but you don't want to create so much distance or even be seen with other girls just to get the girl you want to think of you; these plans will quickly backfire, and your girl will be hurt or will just lose interest all together. So, make a habit of giving her goodnight calls or texting her before you know she's about to go to bed. If she has something nearby and always in her sight that reminds her of you, then she is guaranteed to miss you even more.

So, make her laugh, tell her funny stories about something crazy that happened to you that day, ask her about what she's been up to, and make her feel like you think she's special. She will treasure the letter and will be unfolding it and reading it over and over again, thinking of you all the while. She’s proud of having started so many new topics, and she says it’s fun helping to make wikiHow grow bit by bit each day. Your touch will be incredibly exciting for him and will shoot a romantic atmosphere in a short time. Reply him after a while with a reason why you replied late, example busy with friends or some random work.
Researchers and psychologists have shown that chatting and texting at night time is not just important to attract, but later there are chances that he may see you in his dreams. So, if you smell good, he will keep thinking about you via that scent whenever you are not around. However, it does not mean that you totally ignore him or avoid hanging out around with him. So, the best approach of how to make a man miss you is by keeping your personal life alongside keeping relationship with him.
So, making someone miss you by elegant and trendy dressing is so far the easiest and most common approach to be tried by all girls. After you leave, whenever he will get to see it, he will remember this affectionate gesture, that dinner and most of all.
Giving her a gift or an item of yours is the perfect way to make sure you stay in her thoughts. She should feel like you're worth talking to and talking to you and hearing what you have to say should make her want to see you even more.
The letter doesn't have too be too long or anything -- just tell her about how your days are going and let her know that you're thinking of her. Don’t directly say a yes, tell him that you will need to check with your friends if there are any plans.
With this reply tell him that you are busy and will talk to you later instead of starting to chat. So if you want to capture his mind and making him miss you even in his sleep then this can be a good step. These gifts are not meant to be given at his birthday because at that day he will receive many gifts and this can make your gift less special. Similarly, another approach toward making someone miss you is by not always responding instantly and positively to every last-minute decided dates. Just don't make a habit of ignoring her calls completely or she will get annoyed, bored, and may suspect that you're seeing someone else. But if your voice is the last thing she hears before she goes to bed, she is guaranteed to miss you even more.
If something happens the next day that really makes you think of her, then you can let her know, of course, but don't make too much of a habit of it.
Instead give him at some random time, like if you have gone for a vacation or a trip with your friends, tell him that you got this gift for him. Imagine yourself resting on his shoulder or chest, and leaving behind your beautiful scent on his body. Talk to him and tell about yourself only the necessary details which he needs to know to get into a relationship with you. You need to play a hard girl and at the same time not look rude and this will make him crazy about you. Talk for consecutive 3-4 nights and then give a day or two day break so he misses your texts then again chat for 2-3days and maintain this cycle.
Now this is what will make your gift special and a tool which will keep him think and miss you. Save the rest telling for future talks so whenever you reveal something of yourself later, he gets interested in you more and ultimately misses you. If he asks you out straightway, firstly show that you are busy and cannot make it this time. Doing this, he will value your limited presences, misses you in your absence and looking ahead for finding means to spend more value time with you. However, if he keeps requesting, show 50:50 response, tell him you will try, and show your surprise presence afterwards!
In this way, he surely would be missing you while waiting for you, and get immensely enchanted by seeing you there after short delay.

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