Kissing your partner's neck can be a cute way to show your affection, or it can be a sexy move that initiates foreplay and leads to something more.
This is best done when you have been kissing for a while and you turn your face to his or her neck. Sucking may result in a hickey no matter how lightly, so make sure your partner is comfortable with that ahead of time. Most everyone has had the unfortunate experience of receiving a saliva laden sloppy awkward kiss.
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You can kiss your partner's neck in a variety of places and can even mix things up with licking and biting if the mood calls for it. One of the most sensitive parts of the neck is the where the neck connects with the shoulder and collarbone. Slowly open your mouth in between kisses, and begin to kiss your partner's neck with an open mouth, separating your lips as you gently kiss her skin. Confirm it with them first if you're interested, but only do this if you've kissed their neck before or you have some experience with it.

Sucking and biting is very likely to result in a hickey, and that may get both of you in some very serious trouble.
Not only will a rough bite to the neck be a turn off, but it could really hurt your partner. Instead, wrap your arms around her if you're facing her, or wrap your arms around her from behind if you're kissing her from behind. Then, gently kiss any part of your partner's neck with a closed mouth, as if you were giving your partner a close-mouthed kiss on the lips. Just don't do it too quickly or you'll leave a hickey, and your partner may not be into that. If you're careful, you can bite a little bit of skin in between your teeth and gently lift it before lowering it. Keep a chap stick in your pocket and stay hydrated with water throughout the day and you will be good to go!
On the site, he spends most of his time adding videos, expanding stubs, and cleaning up articles that need work. To protect oneself against being this bad neck kisser there are some guidelines and techniques people need to know to kiss a neck properly.

Be sure that the lips are not too moist because most find the wet sloppy kiss an unwelcome surprise. Stroke the area that you plan to kiss and your partner will feel even more pleasure when you kiss her there.
You can start by kissing the area where your partner's neck meets her shoulders or collarbone, resting your lips on the curved groove. Remember to take it easy with this one -- at first, you may catch your partner by surprise. Do this so that you and your partner can discuss anything else that the two of you would be interested in doing. When it comes to the wikiHow community, he loves how everyone is genuinely concerned for each other’s well being, and he appreciates the advice he himself has received from articles like How to Approach a Girl. He says that, hands down, the great community is the reason to stick around here and not give up on editing!

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