However, keep in mind that Capricorns are rather traditional - he will most likely not be into role playing, or other things on the kinkier side of the bedroom spectrum. Your Capricorn guy will be really appreciative if you can take the lead in social settings that make him uncomfortable. When you do crack their sometimes chilly exterior, however, there is an intelligent, passionate, and devoted man waiting underneath.
The first thing you should know about a Capricorn guy is that he is bound to be very driven.
Once a Capricorn guy feels betrayed, he generally is very slow to let you back in--if he does at all. Capricorn men are known to become friends with a woman before actually considering dating her. Capricorns seek stability--they want someone who is devoted and serious about the relationship.
While a Capricorn man might be reserved in his day to day life, he can be a surprisingly passionate lover in the bedroom.
Capricorns are rather traditionalist and they will not be attracted to a person who burps in public and acts like a slob.

The best places to meet your perfect Capricorn guy include work functions, charity events, or career-boosting functions.
Because of this, they tend to be attractive towards partners who dress in a sophisticated but more conservative manner.
As you learned when trying to capture his attention, Capricorns only up to a select group of close friends and family.
While holding hands is probably fine (he might even prefer holding hands because of his protective nature) making out in the middle of a busy street will probably make him feel a bit uneasy. If word gets back to him that you have been exposing the secrets of your relationship to everyone who will listen, he might feel betrayed or lose trust in you. Breaking out your flashing stilettos and cut-out dress is probably not the best way to attract your man. Be honest and open with him but expect that it will take him a bit longer to share his inner workings with you. Inviting him to a big party will generally make him uneasy, while inviting him for dinner will most likely make him open up. Be prepared for this and know that it is not a sign of him losing interest in your relationship.

Because he is bound to be driven, you should have your own independent goals and ideas that you are working on. This is also your time to shine--bring up topics that you are passionate about and allow him to relaxing into a stimulating conversation. Though it takes Capricorn guys a while to open up, once he has made his decision about you, know that you have a very devoted guy by your side. Your Capricorn wants to make you happy and when you tell him directly what you need or what you dislike, he will do everything in his power to make sure he does not upset you in that way again. Attending a fundraiser he puts on, reading an article he has written, or giving him a sincere compliment will show him that you can be a supportive partner.

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