If there's shame about the trauma and embarrassment about what happened, this will affect the relationship negatively. They were either too mean, too needy, had a bad marriage or even just didn't pay any attention to you. By the time we reach our mid- to late twenties, many of us have at least one heartache under our belts and it makes moving forward without the thoughts of the past a difficult challenge. Talk back to any anxious, fearful thoughts running through your mind about your current relationship, and remind yourself that they're not true. Whether we’re emotionally damaged or gloriously bitter about a relationship ending, there are very necessary reasons why we need to leave the past behind in order to walk forward towards something greater.

These are the reasons you need to leave your shitty relationship history behind you for good. It’s almost as if you can sometimes feel exactly how you did in the moments the bad shit happened.
I’m talking about the bricks you’re carrying in your heart leaving it impossible for another person to penetrate.
When you’re confident within yourself, without any past relationship issues holding you back that make you question your self-worth, you will attract the best things life has to offer your way.
Instead of looking at your past as a pathological issue, what if it was just an experience that wasn't good or bad.

There was a time before where you trusted and were open with your heart, and even though you’ve learned the hard way that you can be broken, you can also repair and be whole again. You need to remember that the only thing that currently matters is you and how you’re doing now. So find ways to heal yourself, leave the past behind, and anticipate your next destination, because without the journey of up’s and downs, your arrival won’t feel as complete.

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