Once you know what the problem is and how is your partner feeling about it, offer your help, ask if you can do anything.
After your partner’s important meeting, you could support them by showing an interest how the meeting went. However, if the issue your partner is dealing with can somehow affect your intimacy or it might come across as another duty at home to do, it might be wiser to leave it out and prevent adding some necessary stress about a whole new issue. After a stressful day, a girl would love to come home to a supportive and understanding boyfriend who helps reduce her stress -- not add to it. To celebrate the Stress Awareness Day on Monday April 16th, we are introducing here 12 steps on how to be a supporting and loving partner when your partner is stressed out. Just one day or weekend doing something completely different can help alleviate the situation.
Making the suggestion of staying in and playing his favorite video games, watching his favorite teams or doing whatever else helps him to relax might be all he needs to take that time out of his busy schedule.

Being a part of a couple means helping each other when times get tough, and if you make the effort to do your part for your boyfriend, then he will notice and you’ll both be happier. What you need to do is take the cues and help your partner unwind instead of making it all the more exhausting for him..
Having the opportunity to get back to what he enjoys will help him get back to his usual self, and your involvement lets you be a part of the de-stressing process without adding to his stress.
Physical activity helps you to put your mind on other, tangible obstacles — and overcoming those obstacles can make for a great night of rest to follow! Knowing what you can do to help your boyfriend with his stress will bring you closer and keep the pressure from becoming too much to bear. Asking about how he feels lets him know you pay attention to him and his habits, but taking it too far can turn a good thing down a negative road. Because a stressed-out girlfriend can have an effect on your own stress levels, by helping her de-stress, you will be able to relax together as a couple.

So neither pressurise him to go out with you nor make him feel guilty for wanting to stay at home; instead cooperate and help him unwind.
Take a chance with any of these four ideas to help him de-stress and show him just how much you care.
A study conducted by Berk in 2008 found that even anticipating laughter can help reduce stress. By popping in a funny DVD or buying her tickets to a comedy show, you are already helping to reduce your girlfriend's stress.

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