If you know any of your crush's friends, you can also ask them some questions about your crush's interests.
For example, if you and your crush have the same favorite band, that can be great material for a conversation.But, if you hate a band and your crush asks you about them, just politely say that you don't like them much. At first, its probably a good idea to try to spend time with your crush in a situation where other people are around.
At this point, you should start making eye contact with your crush for a couple of seconds, gazing, and then looking away. If you are walking past your crush in a hallway or somewhere like that, try lightly brushing your shoulder against theirs.
If you think your crush is starting to like you back, kiss their cheek to see their reaction. Don't be really mean to your crush even if you're just acting like it, or he won't like you.
It's really easy to crush on someone, but it's not easy to get your crush to like you back! You can volunteer, pick up a new hobby, join a club, get a job, or any number of other activities.
If the boy or girl you have a crush on hasn't noticed you, you might be tempted to just tell them how you feel.
You want to look like you have a life of your own, not like you're just hanging around waiting for attention.
Sometimes, having the news that you are asking questions about your crush get back to them can have an added bonus. Once you've had a chance to chat with your crush a little, look for some opportunities to spend time together. Once you start spending time with your crush, you can start sending signals that you like him. After you've gotten to know your crush, if he or she seems to react well to your flirting, try touching him or her in playful way.

The first thing you've really got to do is make yourself the kind of person that people notice and want to be around!
The qualities of a good friend are also the qualities of a good boyfriend or girlfriend, so start by being a good friend so that your crush can see what they have to look forward to. For example, if he picks up a pencil or paper you dropped, and he touches your hand when he is giving it back to you, it may be a little more.
Don't change yourself for a crush, because if things don't work out, you'll be left with nothing but a fake poser in the mirror. If a guy knows you as the person you pretend to be he will be confused (maybe even angry) if you act like a differently when your together.
Do-up your make-up or wear your favorite cologne or perfume (make sure neither are over-powering, though). You want to let your crush see you've noticed them, but don't just keep gazing at them to get their attention. Also, your crush will find out eventually that you don't actually like or know much about it. Giving your crush tons of compliments, laughing at every joke he or she makes, or constantly trying to bat your eyelashes or strike handsome poses will not seem genuine. Show your crush that that's not you by being nice, not only to them but to everyone around you. This shows that you care about and value yourself, showing others that you are worth caring about and valuing. Wear clothes that fit the current fashions but also are flattering to your coloring and the shape of your body.
They might not even know you exist if you're too shy, so get out there and have a conversation with them. Get to know your crush, beyond the absolute basics (birthday, favorite color, etc) and learn what really makes them tick. One fear that a lot of people have about dating is that the demand on their time and affection will mean that they won't be able to hang out with their friends or on their own as much, and that they won't get the time to do the things that they want to do.

If your crush isn't making an effort to keep the conversation going (or even trying to end it), that's a sign you should immediately back off and give them space. In some cases, no matter how much you want someone you have a crush on to like you too, it just doesn't ever seem to happen. Wear clean clothes with no holes or stains, wash your hair and body regularly, take good care of your skin and exercise as much as you can. Give your crush some space and alone time and they'll see that you value their happiness above your own. This will tell them that they can return your feelings without having to worry as much about rejection. There is no guaranteed way to get your crush to like you back, but there are some things you can do that might help! When it comes to the wikiHow community, he loves how everyone is genuinely concerned for each other’s well being, and he appreciates the advice he himself has received from articles like How to Approach a Girl. You can compare interests, learn their interests just by paying attention, or you can explore the things they like. Now, if things are going downhill once your relationship starts, talk to your crush about it. Do the things that you enjoy and if anyone doesn't like it, then they aren't worth your time.Who knows maybe he likes it when you act like yourself! Treat yourself well, don't constantly apologize to everyone, and get out there and do the things that make you you.
Show them that you have your own life and that your world doesn't revolve around cataloging every time they so much as sneeze. If they find out that your being a little shaky, but you aren't being honest about it, the relationship will come to a stop.

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