How To Get Your Boyfriend Back If YOU Cheated On Him- Advice & Help You are using an outdated browser. My boyfriend of 2 years and I were out drinking with friends at a friends house this Wednesday night. It didn’t last longer than a second, I pushed him away but only because I saw my boyfriend walk back to our spot from the bathroom. I’ve been texting him throughout the day today (Sunday) about getting through this together.
He says I already had him in my life and I made the decision for us by doing what I did that night. For our two month anniversary (the 16th), I had been preparing to visit him and surprise him, so I had bought some tickets late the previous night. I’m not sure whether it was him or one of his buddies, but one of them hacked into my account that night. A good friend of mine, who has a girlfriend may I add, is a very flirty guy, and I had warned him about it since I had a boyfriend.
I understand that it looks like I was cheating on him, but I love him with all my heart… Now this is where things get complicated.
He broke up with me on our anniversary day, and I spent it crying nearly all day trying to talk to him about what happened. The next day comes along and I try to give him his space, but he gets mad at me for only talking to him if he messages me first. After 3 weeks since our first kiss, i kissed another guy and flirted with this new guy in front of him. He doesn’t want me back for now and i talked to him and told him that i still have feelings for him and that i made a huge mistake and would like to start over. Reply maggie September 11, 2015The thing is i didnt cheat he just thinks i did i went out to apple bees with a guy friend and didnt tell my boyfriend about it. He went through my phone while i was asleep in our bed and woke me up screamint at me to get. I want him and I want to make things work but he keeps saying it won’t happen, but I love him so much and don’t know what to do anymore, please HELP!!! I felt unappreciated for taking care of him as he stayed at home with our daughter while I worked. I not only work 50-60 hours per week but I have to cook and clean up after him when I get home and not with minimal lip. My boyfriend saw some messages I didn’t delete and is fuming, then extremely sad and feels betrayed. I’ve never seen him cry until now and even now he said he cried all day while I was at work yesterday.
I never start first but I can’t resist him and I even did it when I have my bf but my bf and me never have sex but we been together. He never REALLY wanted a relationship and I stupidly stayed with him because we made the agreement to not hook up with other people. At first he refused to make a comment on it, he just yelled at me, cussed me out and told me to leave him alone. He kept saying that he was mine and I was his and got mad anytime I asked about the label and jealous when I suggested that I should be allowed to see other people.We were arguing because he got into a habit of not texting me back for days while he was posting on social media. He kept getting mad at me for being hurt over it and this time he got so mad he broke up with me.

Just know that when there is cheating and you find out something , there is always so much more that you don’t know and may never know so a word of advice, get yourself together and get to the bottom of it. Reply KM June 15, 2015Hi Chris,URGENT HELP NEEDED My (so-called) ex contacted me after 15 days of NC. But that is after he asked for my permission to let him have physical activity with a woman he used to have sex with long before he met me. So to get to my point a new girl moves in during our winter break from school and she lives in the same neighborhood as him. Yet their are still friends and I can’t do anything about it because I donr want to make him cut off a friend. Once we graduated early together, I moved in with him.We were inseperable, at one point we even worked together. Well all was great until I became pregnant, which was fine, we were excited, but 2 weeks after the baby was born, I caught him texting an ex + other girls. Reply Kay May 20, 2015I recently found out my boyfriend of 6 months cheated on me with someone I knew who was also in a relationship at the time.
Our whole relationship had been a happy one, we spent pretty much every night together, made dinner with each other, never had a fight and even thought it was possible that he loved me more than I did him (but I am a fairly guarded person so I though that was just a slow letting down of the walls).
Even up until he day I found out I never doubted that he cared for me and considered himself very grateful for our relationship. He did however, seem to be a bit flirty with a particular girl on our sporting team and would complain to me that she wouldn’t leave him alone.
I knew that she was talking to him on facebook regularly, but as they had been friends before I came into the picture I assumed that it was nothing more than this.
He even told me one night how on a night before a comp he shared a bed with another girl who we both knew as one of the two girls (it was in a hotel during the comp) who were going to share together had the flu. However, one day out of the blue the boyfriend of this girl who he had been talking to regularly and flirting with at sport came and told me that his girlfriend and my boyfriend had been cheating on us for months. The messages also showed that it was mainly her pushing herself onto him, and while my boyfriend did seem resistant, he didn’t always say no.
Our relationship was always going to be a bit tricky as he is just under 5 years younger than me, and we are both actually nationals for different countries (me Australia and him the UK).
We were at uni in the UK when all this occurred, however, he knew I was planning on moving to the UK,and was even considering moving to Australia for a few months while we sorted out my visas etc, although we hadn’t yet had the conversation about what that would mean for us. He genuinely seems upset about what he did, and is trying to make things better by stopping all contact with her (difficult as we are all still at Uni together) and has apologized to her boyfriend.
However, I am scared that if he managed to do this to me for so long and was too much of a coward to stand up for me instead of succumbing to her advances than he won’t have the strength to do it next time either. I know our relationship was short in the grand scheme of things and that he is still only very young (21) but I do very much want to believe him when he says it won’t happen ever again. It was at first really shock for me but I told him to break her up and he said he will just give him time bla bla bla .
I tried my best to avoid him but recently we had a party bus and me and my two friends decided to go. A week before the party bus he messaged me, he said that he doesn’t want to be strangers so I hung out with him.
He confessed the next day that he is still in love with me but I am having doubts and I don’t know if I should get back together with him.
But I saw your article about how you get your ex back if he cheated, and now I have to extend it to 45 days and I was so frustrated that I have to wait that long.

He refused to answer my question if the profile was his and that angered me so I broke up with him.
I told him I wanted to get a my stuff from his place and he threatened to call the police if I didn’t leave. I blocked him on a messaging app we used to communicate and he tried to reach me a few days later through emails, calls and texts but I have ignored all. Once we came back from camping we all decided to drink since it was our last night together. We talked about it later and he told me he needed a break from me, that he wanted to sort things out but after what I did he wasn’t sure if he could forgive me. I met my ex boyfriend when he was living near to me but a job change necessitated that he moved. I knew him for about a month and a half before he left and it was only once he’d moved to his new place that we decided to try a long distance relationship. As our relationship progressed, my workload became more intense than I thought possible and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to continue juggling the travelling, heartache of missing him etc, whilst completing my degree.
I had asked my boyfriend to consider moving back and to even just look at jobs near me again but he brushed those requests off and said I was being ridiculous- I wasn’t.
After we broke up, he visited me and said he’d suddenly decided that he wanted nothing more than to move close to me and find a new job. This unsettled me because I couldn’t see why it took for me to break up with him for him to say that- I felt that he was being slightly selfish because it was only then because he was hurting, that he was willing to consider moving.
Scared that it wasn’t what he really wanted and that he’d regret moving here and resent me, I told him not to and said my decision to break up still stood- that was extremely difficult for me.A few months after that, he visited again but on a drunken night out with a large group of friends, a guy kissed me. This happened a year ago and my ex was heartbroken by it, made worse by the fact that I did not let him see that I felt terrible or remorseful because I felt I needed to continue coping with life without my ex and that having him hating me was easier for me to deal with.Recently I have had contact with my ex again.
I wasn’t very good at putting my points across and so resorted to emailing him subsequently to do so better.
He has said that for now we both need to get on with our lives and just try to find happiness. Reply Jenny May 16, 2015I cheated on my boyfriend because I was too cowardly and weak to break up with him when he treated me as if I was no better than an accessory.
I tried to leave him multiple times because of emotional abuse where I was treated as a doormat one night and then the next a queen. We had not seen each other in 2 months, but every night I was listening to his problems, doting on him, providing advice.
Like all abusive relationships, I was being used for comfort, or maybe in his eyes I was being punished for cheating. I called two days straight begging him to block my number like he promised, in which he responded with a lazy apology saying he knows I hate him but he’s just doing the right thing. Told him i am not interested being his friend and asking him to give me a last shot for us to create a new beautiful chapter .

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