When you send out your very first text message, you will be issued a textPlus phone number. Now Write TextPlus and Install their App, Register by using your email address, after confirm the confirmation link in your Email inbox, and then go back to TextPlus because now we need to get a free Text number. First of all TextPlus is an App where you can make free call o use free text messages, so this app is available only for Android or iOs users. Step 2: Create Your AccountWhen you first open the application, you'll either need to login or sign up for a textPlus account. Adding More Ways to Find YouTo make it easier for your friends to find you, you can add another email address or phone number by going to Settings -> Contact Info and doing so. Sharing Your textPlus NumberThere is also a built-in function to quickly send your phone number via text message to anybody.
Getting More Calling CreditsAs mentioned before, you get 5 minutes of free call time when calling non-textPlus users.

Wouldn't it be easier - and in fact cheaper (since you can call landline and cell numbers etc.
Set my friend up with Text+ on her Nexus and have tried repeatedly to send her a picture via my text to her text+ and it never gets there. Fortunately, there are a few that will work on our Nexus 7 tablets, and in this softModder guide, I'll show you how to use my favorite, textPlus. This version is exactly the same as the textPlus Gold version, which costs $1.99, except that there are ads in the app. To sign up, you'll need to either enter your phone number or email address, so that other people can find you on textPlus.If you don't have a phone number, and don't want to use your email address for some reason, you can also just create a username. On the Nexus 7, it will just search your People app for contacts to add.To find more friends who are currently using textPlus, you can type in their email or phone number when you start a new message, and if they're a textPlus user, you'll see a green "t" icon next to their picture or number. You can purchase minutes in the Get Credits section in the menu.Another way of getting credit is by earning them.

If you have any questions on using textPlus, let me know in the comments below and I'll see if I can help you out. However, if you only create a username, you will not be able to reset the password on your account, should you ever lose it. However, this will disable all incoming calls, not just ones originating from outside of textPlus.
While it is a perfectly fine solution, I have found textPlus to work better than Groove IP.

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