Remember that for him to feel masculine (which is likely what he is lacking in his marriage), HE needs to be the giver and the chaser and YOU just need to sit back, receive gratefully what he has to offer, and admire his masculine strengths and qualities. He may get moody and distance himself from you while he is trying to work everything out in his head. If you truly want him to leave her, you will have to accept that she will always be a part of his life (as the mother of his children or the ex to whom he will have ongoing commitments).
If he does break up with the wife, he will be under a lot of stress, both emotionally and financially. You know you are perfect for each other except for the fact that he is still with his wife. Even if he is unhappy, he is still getting something positive from the marriage or from not breaking up. Be prepared to walk away and suffer the loss (deal with the grieving process) if he doesn't leave her.
It won't be a secret for long if he leaves his wife for you - the news will eventually come out at work, school, and among mutual friends. While the probability is highly unlikely that he will ever leave her, here are some steps you can take to help him make the right decision.

This could be access to his children, money (he is likely scared of a divorce and losing half his income and property), emotional support, reputation (makes him feel good to be a "family man"), mutual friends, having someone to do stuff with (vacations, hobbies), her cooking and cleaning, etc. Most likely the wife has emasculated him over time, and therefore he is no longer attracted to her. His roots with his wife go much deeper than with you, so you need to take a long time to build up a good relationship with him. He may feel worse once he loses his money, his assets, his friends, as a result of the divorce. Think about whether you will be able to handle the long-term effects of dealing with his children and his ex-wife. On the site, he spends most of his time adding videos, expanding stubs, and cleaning up articles that need work. Do your homework to find out how to make him feel more masculine (and you to feel more feminine).
When it comes to the wikiHow community, he loves how everyone is genuinely concerned for each other’s well being, and he appreciates the advice he himself has received from articles like How to Approach a Girl.
People change, get married for the wrong reasons, and even though it is wrong to break a commitment, the reality is that it happens every day and sometimes it may be better for all persons involved.

He needs to feel safe to share his hopes, dreams, fears, emotions and insecurities with you, and know he is still loved.
If you start chasing and giving to him, he may selfishly take what you have to offer at first, but eventually he will feel emasculated and pull away (just like he is doing with his wife).
Once he leaves his wife and is free to be with you, the attraction you feel for him may disappear. Wives who give too much, over function, make all the decisions, work too hard at the relationship, take care of everything in the marriage, and who don't know how to receive gratefully what the man has to offer, start to assume the role of the man in the family. Also, once you do get to know him as a person, you may discover things about his character that you don't like and re-evaluate your decision as to whether or not you want him at all. This makes the husband feel bad about himself and he will start to look elsewhere to validate his masculinity.
Most likely he is still having sex with his wife (even though he will tell you he is not), but he can do it without feeling anything deeply for her.

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