Men fear rejection and need to know they won’t get smacked down if they make a move in the direction of romance. Even if you actually land a time and date for coffee or sushi, you should still say that you need to exchange numbers in case something comes up. Then, as you hand him his phone back, make sure he adds your number to his contact list and puts your name on it.
The place where you got that $9.99 oil change, the name of the book you read last year with some information he needs, the dates of the Uptown Art Festival, or the parks that will be having fireworks can all be reasons to get his number so you can text him later.
If he asks about your phone or wants to see it, tell him, “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours — your phone!” Take his phone, look at it for a while, and then call your phone.

Once you start playing with your phones, you will definitely end up with each other’s numbers. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get the inside dish including expert dating advice, juicy tips, reader questions and more! If he takes out his phone, just take it from him, call your phone, and let it ring once or twice. Maybe his family is coming over for dinner on the weekend and he doesn’t know how to cook very well. To avoid the “waiting for the phone to ring” syndrome that often follows, you should always try to do two things: Get his number too, and tell him when it would be a good time to call.

Bring up a picture of yourself and ask him if he thinks you should use it for your profile pic on Facebook.

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