Project Canvas is a visual project tool to have everyone involved in the project engaged and understand the project. According to a report by Software Advice, approximately every second small business (46%) uses manual methods to manage their projects, such as spreadsheets, email, pen or paper.
Nine percent of the businesses, which indicated using non-project management software such as Microsoft Outlook and time tracking applications, admit that it does not fully address their needs.
In the initial phase, expectation management, having a project overview and kick-start, as well as attracting the team and stakeholders on board are essential. According to the survey by Software Advice, 40% of the businesses looking for a project management tools are seeking to improve efficiency and accuracy in their work processes.
Susanne Madsen, a leading project management coach, says that one of the most often project management mistakes is managing tasks at the expense of leading people. Let the same happen with your team after you have chosen the best suitable project management software.
What that really means is, that now you can share your project to others and work on it at the same time from different devices. We have been working on this for quite some time and now you can finally use it and let us know how you like it. First of all, we at Project Canvas would like to thank everyone who provided us with awesome suggestions of motivational and inspiring talks for project managers. We are so happy to see that Project Canvas simplifies lives and makes more and more project management professionals happy. During the last two months, there has been a lot of activity on the Project Canvas development. Experts identify the most common (and frustrating) issues project managers must constantly tackle and what steps they can take to avoid or minimise these problems.
Problem 1: Team members not knowing or understanding what their responsibilities are, not owning their part of the project. How a good PM handles the accountability problem: Good project managers let team members know, up front, who is responsible for what – and clearly lay out expectations.

How a good PM deals with (often shifting) deadlines: To avoid missing deadlines, “I assign my team members specific deadlines for their parts of the project – and the dates I give are always much earlier than I actually need [whatever],” says Ashley Schwartau, creative director, Production, The Security Awareness Company.
Another way project managers can easily spot potential problems, and “avoid unnecessary status meetings, [is] by using collaborative task tracking software,” says Ray Grainger, CEO, Mavenlink, which provides online project management software. Problem 6: Managing and collaborating with team members in different locations and time zones. How a good PM successfully manages a decentralised team: Having a mobile collaboration tool “is a game-changer for IT managers,” says Josh Bauer, assistant director, Network Operations, Acorda Therapeutics. How a good PM heads off potential hostilities: A good project manager checks in regularly with team members, either by phone or in person, to see how things are going – and if there are any professional or personal issues that could affect the project, which need to be addressed. In the execution phase, the communication among the team members as well as task and time management are important. One way to solve this challenge for a project manager is to use sophisticated tools and try to grasp and manage complexity. Please share your thoughts in the comments below or in our LinkedIn group Project Canvas Pros. According to the Project Management Institute’s Pulse Report, more than 80% of high performing organizations report that leadership skills are the most important acquired skills for project management professionals. The answer: How they handle problems when they arise and they prevent them from derailing deadlines and the budget.
By convincing management that removing a vital team member could delay the project (or worse). Once you got this answer,  think of the functionality gaps that you are experiencing with your current way of handling your projects. Many small businesses prefer cloud-based solutions, as they are easy to grasp and allow users accessing their projects from anywhere in the world. Researchers at PMI reported that project management elements such as cost, schedule and performance are necessary but insufficient; due to international partnerships, decentralized teams and working alliances, project managers also need negotiation and collaboration skills. Many project managers believe they have to know it all and do it all, and that it’s their job to instruct everyone on what to do.

While controlling project managers tell others what to do, enabling managers engage people through questions. Even if you’re the project manager who’s expected to put together the plan, you don’t have to do it on your own.
As the project manager, you’re officially responsible to the project board for coordinating and delivering the project’s outputs and benefits. Project Canvas helps a project team to get a quick overview and understanding in the beginning of a new project’. When you plan a project in isolation, you run the risk of alienating the team and creating an unrealistic schedule. Here are five tips from Project Canvas on what to consider, when choosing a project management software. Instead, have a mechanism that fosters transparency around project objectives and key decisions. To know how you’re really being perceived, stop guessing and instead ask your team for direct feedback.
Ask lots of “how” and “what if” questions and find out how you can best support the team to working collaboratively. Use collaborative project planning software to follow up and to ensure that your plan is continuously updated by all the team members.
You’ll find that people take more responsibility—and rise to the occasion—the more you involve them in the decisions that affect them.

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