Last year, Manning texted Sanders one night telling him he'd better get back in the lineup so they could work on their timing. He got plenty of work in the new offense with Manning this offseason but he said when training camp opened that he still needed more time with his quarterback to get comfortable.
As one looks from Kenya Commercial Bank to Safaricom to CfC Stanbic to Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Kenya boasts a mix of companies whose leaders either built tremendous trust among their employees and reaped the rewards or leaders who ignored employee trust and suffered the consequences.

So a logical business executive should now jump up and down in his or her chair demanding to know how to gain, build, and maintain employee trust. Whether in Ghana, France, Japan, Brazil, or right here in Kenya, all employees go through three stages to build trust in their bosses: belief, decision, and action. Academic and practical research both show that the above three traits incorporate almost all that the employee needs to build trust in senior leadership and improve performance: ability, goodwill, and integrity.

And while his offensive upside as a power forward has yet to be realized, Kassian is starting to do the little things that help earn a coach’s trust.

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