When trying to deal with sexist people in our personal lives, total avoidance is no easy feat.
Our friend has dealt with it by ignoring his blatantly sexist words and focusing on continuing her education and taking care of their child. And it probably doesn’t matter how hard you try to convince someone that they’re in the midst of a toxic relationship, because your words and advice will only go so far — realizing that you need to end things with someone is almost always the result of a revelation that only comes from within yourself.
Watching our friends end up in bad relationships is frustrating, but it’s also something we’ve all probably dealt with at one point or another. We can choose to befriend and develop relationships with open-minded individuals, and we always have the option of leaving someone who attempts to subject us to sexist words or behavior.
There’s really no “good” way of dealing with these kinds of situations, but thinking of non-confrontational ways to tell people that they deserve better while encouraging them to remember the importance of personal freedom and independence can’t hurt. Sometimes it isn’t just a matter of thinking that your friend’s boyfriend or husband is an asshole and you want them to do better — it’s a matter of worrying about their well-being and mental health. Basically, he transformed into one of those terribly ignorant people who posts photos of deformed fetuses with non-senseical pro-life captions, along with numerous other outrageous topics, to his Facebook page.

We are deathly afraid that if we even mention how we feel about this clown, she will cut us off. But at the same time, I always feel an awful sense of guilt due to my non-existent interest in her relationship with her husband. In an effort to save your V-Day for someone special, February 1st is Dump Your Significant Jerk Day.
Your not liking him does not mean that she can't choose to love him or marry him.The red flag I see here is that, according to you, he dominates her and controls what they do with their time. If you can get rid of the jerk in your life today, then you’ll have two weeks to find someone who truly deserves your time and effort on the day of love.
Your significant other doesn’t know how to make you feel better after a bad day at school, a tough situation with a friend or even those horrible fat days. Friends have laughed in my face and wished me luck when I told them what I wanted to do with my life. Even though we shouldn’t expect our boyfriends to pay for everything(we are independant ladies!), chivalry is NOT dead so they should pick up the tab if you’re out on a date.

Yes, we know that some personalities clash but if his personality is clashing with everyone in your life then chances are it’s not his personality, it’s him.
So when that (now ex) boyfriend doubted that I could be a model at size 14, I was extra-inspired to prove him wrong.
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If you find yourself in this situation and wanting to de-friend someone, see if you can post a picture or quote on your page about how happy you are, or something totally unrelated to the feelings this person triggered in you. There’s no greater feeling than growing a community of supportive friends with whom you're proud to associate.

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