This pattern, this cycle so many of us find ourselves in unable to break free of the cycle of attracting – and being attracted to emotionally unavailable men in our lives. Most of us know in our minds that we're attracted to this type of man because of who and what they represent to us, usually someone reminiscent of our fathers or mothers or some combination of both. But even with all this knowledge, we still struggle with actually doing something about it. Somehow, somewhere along the way you'll be given every opportunity to see the reality of what's really going on and break free of this hold this type of person has on you once and for all. It's not going to happen overnight, but slowly, beginning with this first step, this is how you're going to get from here to there.
You're not willing to put up with just any kind of behavior to avoid being lonely, and you're starting to see that you're actually better off alone than with someone who makes you feel like this. After a one year long distance relationship, and after showing many signs of non-commitment and acting distant, a man broke up with me on facebook saying that maybe we will meet in another life when no distance shall be anymore between us.
Unfortunately I now have become quite attached to this man, I'm falling for the idea of a life with him.
Oh, my goodness reading all of these replies makes me feel so hopeless that this world is filled with so many cold hearted game playing men. Detangling this emotionally unavailable guy from your past and your personal issues will help you move on faster. With connecting the knowledge of our heads with our hearts and refusing to buy into the believe that "just one more time" or "just a little longer", and it will all be different this time around. There's no more reason to go there because there's nothing there for you, and you're wise enough now to know that it's not what you can live with anymore and still love yourself and be true to who you really are. After never hearing "I love you" from anyone except my parents, family members, close friends, I met a man who was constantly declaring love to me in words and constant text messages.
Believe In your worth ladies narcissits are everywhere and they know how to play the game to get you sucked in. I think you are right : he is only trying to release himself from the guilt of breaking up by playing the stupid "friends card", showing that he is a "gentleman" and trying to put the blame on me.
Because someone who's on the same page as you, who wants to be with you, won't let anything stand in his way to make sure you know. After all, you know that no other woman will ever be as caring and loving as you are with him. They just need to find a man who mirrors back to them the loving light they shine onto others.

Because of this, we're all mismatched to a certain extent, and it tells you how to bridge those gaps. Your new guide for finding, friending, hooking up, breaking up, and falling in love in the 21st Century.
The two of you may never hang out in public alone, it’s usually with a group of people.
He's so close if only this one tiny little area were different – his inability to be emotionally available to us, usually coupled with his inability to commit to us. You recognized some kind of treatment of you, some kind of behavior on his part that didn't feel right or how love is supposed to feel.
But his own unresolved grief from the past, such as a divorce after a long marriage, he was emotionally unavailable.
I didn't reply because I felt that he avoiding to be direct, he was only being polite without being sincere and he was acting as if nothing happened. But staying there as "friends" has always proven to be much more detrimental than the first situation to begin with.
But in the meantime, I have changed, with the help of Jane's website and posts, with what I am learning from you all.
My marriage was all about control and I'm proud of myself for breaking free from it four years ago.
But if he values me I wouldn't feel like this" I've realized that I need to be more direct and not afraid to say how I really feel and worry about the consequences.
It has been always tricky because they have had their charm and they seemed to know exactly how to play a woman. We were suppose to get a place together and we did but he left me high and dry with bills I can't afford now! We all do the best we can with what we know, regardless of what that looks like in the eyes of anyone else.
And if he does, he complains about them afterwards to make sure that the last thing you’ll ever want to do again is put him in the uncomfortable position of hanging out with your loved ones. You suddenly find yourself having emotional highs and lows that are mostly out of your control—he’s disappeared, broken up with you, ditched you last minute or made fun of your friends.
Or when you start going down that path, you recognize the familiar feelings it's triggering in you and you choose to choose you and step away from that kind of fire that  you're not interested in playing with anymore.
I had to walk away after waiting a lifetime to hear a man say "I love you" but the older I get the more the tough decisions are easier as the clock ticks on.

Help each other see the reality of it all and how wonderful we are that we need to look for our own happy lives.
A relationship is about two people who both want the same thing with each other and are both willing to do what it takes to make it happen. He is going through a stressful time and has stopped all communication with me, he just left. I'd love to hear your story and where you're at in this process!  Share it with us in the comments!
If at least 5 of these 21 below are part of your dating experience, then you’re seeing an emotionally unavailable man. Focus on you, on doing what makes you happy, on what brings you the greatest amount of peace and calm and leaves you with the least amount of regrets.
I do know, that I have some serious work to do within myself, to heal the relationship with myself.
Its amazing how at one point you can feel so completely in love, convincing yourself that all the struggles and sacrifices are worth it "for him" and that you cant live without him to feeling so detached, so happy and to know deep down inside that you are going to have a bright future without him.
Write a love letter to yourself, about how special you are and how you deserve a guy who appreciates you, and then put a stamp on it and mail it to yourself. It took me all this time, now being 29 years old to just wake up to reality and realize that I am choosing this men because I don't believe in the core of my being that I have the right to be loved honestly, profoundly and sincerely by a healthy, caring man. He probably can't handle closeness in a relationship in the manner that you want, need and deserve. You deserve nothing less than being with someone who can give you what you need, who doesn't play games with you and leave you wondering where you stand, second-guessing and overanalyzing every little thing he says or does. Take back your own power and be clear with yourself about what you deserve and what you don't.
He won't know how to express his emotional needs and his feelings, because they confuse and terrify him.

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