The September issue of Self Magazine features some legit exercises for anyone trying to lose a little weight and get buff, but we find their article, 20 Ways to Burn 200 Calories, somewhat questionable. The graph shows just how much the average American exceeds the recommended daily calorie intake.According to WebMD, women should consume about 2,000 calories per day while men should have no more than 2,400. Also in the top three countries is Italy, where local cuisine like pasta, pizza and bread no doubt contributes to the fact that residents here consume 3,660 a day.The infographic also shows just how much physical activity it takes to burn 200 calories, with some surprising results.
For a half-an-hour session up to 150 calories can be burned, which is the equivalent of jogging for 15 minutes. We've already given you the scoop on what the ladies really think of kissing and dished on the secret health benefits to kissing. One kiss requires the coordination of 146 muscles, including 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. A team of British researchers — Elaine Sassoon, Annabelle Dytham, Robert Scully and Prof Gus McGrouther from the Rayne Institute in University College, London — studied kissing couples under an MRI scanner and found that a kiss mostly involves the orbicularis oris (the muscle around your mouth).

Just in case you were so into kissing you wanted to make a career out of it, the study of kissing itself is called philematology.
Experts estimate that the average person will spend 20,160 minutes of his or her lifetime kissing. We can think of plenty of things that will burn 200 calories over the course of 10 days, but unless you normally lay still 24 hours a day, they’re not going to give you too many results. Apparently in the early 20th century, so many French commuters were getting frisky on the train that they had to ban kissing altogether. Kissing burns calories (about 2-3 per minute, to be exact), strengthens your immune system, relieves aches and pains, and prevents cavities!
You’ll lock lips for about 18 minutes a night — the total commercial time per hour, according to TNS Media, a media analysis company.

Consider it your introductory Philematology 101 class (which, you'll come to find out, is the scholarly study of kissing). Back in 1930, a set of censorship regulations called the Hays Code prohibited acting couples from kissing in a horizontal position (as in, lying down). Also, married couples had to sleep in twin beds on screen, and if kissing action did happen on beds, one actor had to have their foot on the ground.

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