When you meet somebody for the first time, your impression of that person is formed within the first few crucial seconds. While some people don’t put too much thought into how they dress on any given day, those that make an effort to present a clean, polished, and presentable front, generally are regarded as more sophisticated, educated, and overall likeable than their messy, disheveled counterparts.
Color analysis is the thought one puts into how the various colors of an outfit complement and work together. If, for example, you pair a bright blue dress with neon orange shoes, you are pairing two colors that clash in a very unpleasing way.
With all of this in mind, make sure to give the proper thought and time to color analysis the next time you want to make a favorable impression on someone new.

When you, or a member of your team walks into a business meeting, statistics prove that lasting impressions are formed within the first 30 seconds. If your sales manager, customer service agent or finance director isn't looking their best or communicating clearly, then their chances of being taken seriously in the business arena, diminish rapidly. You may have a talented team under your leadership, but regardless of potential, it's their clothes and body language that always speak first, and visual perception is a powerful tool in the corporate world. No matter how nice the dress or sophisticated the stiletto pumps, if the colors don’t work together, you are likely to create a somewhat unfavorable impression with any new acquaintances.
If judgments are made in a few quick seconds, you don’t want to put off a potential employer by making the mistake of pairing colors that clash or are not suited together.

It sounds harsh, but our first impression of someone is formed quickly, and it is often very difficult to break that conception once formed. Earth tones (tan, brown, orange), for example, are flattering for someone with brown or auburn hair and olive skin coloring.

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