You'll need to be selfless with this one - even if it's something that bores you to tears, like ballet or monster trucks. Include details like why you were attracted to them in the first place, how you feel when you're around them, and how you envision your future together. Try an over-the-top compliment like "You're the most gorgeous man on the planet." It will make them feel special and let them know that you only have eyes for them. If they have more knowledge on a certain topic, asking for their advice will flatter their ego, while also being beneficial to you, for example, when buying a car or new laptop.
Ask for their advice on something relatively unimportant like whether you should buy the new Playstation or Xbox. For more serious matters, such as medical procedures or living arrangements, asking for your partners input is definitely recommended. If you're not so creative, find some romantic words written by someone else and send your loved ones those instead. If you work up the courage to say "I love you", don't be too discouraged if the other person doesn't say it back. It may seem cliche or overdone, but nothing says "I love you" like a beautiful bunch of flowers, especially if they're her (or his) favorite. Sure, it's the thought that counts, but you'll get extra points for choosing the right flowers. Make your loved one a mix CD of the songs that remind you of them or your relationship, or even songs you just think they would like. Pick somewhere in nature that's special to you - your childhood home or your favorite place to relax and think. Buy or make a coupon book that you can give to your loved one, with coupons they can cash in for romantic activities at any time. If you're looking for something cute and fun to give your loved one, consider a bunch of balloons. Surprise your loved one by getting them tickets to see something they like, whether it's tickets to see their favorite band or tickets to a movie they've been wanting to see, or tickets to a sports event. Sometimes love isn't about making grand statements or over-the-top gestures, it's about the little, everyday things that define a relationship. No matter how much you love someone, relationships can become boring if you allow yourselves to fall into a routine. Whether it's a bang-up bacon and egg breakfast or a gourmet, ethnic-themed feast, show your love by feeding your special someone something delicious.

As mentioned already, trust is the key to a healthy relationship, and there can be no trust without honesty. If you truly love someone, you'll want them to be the best that they can be and to pursue their dreams no matter the consequences. If you fail to let them in on big decisions such as these, they may feel left out or unappreciated. Whether it's before you sing on karaoke night or calling a request in to their favorite radio station, a song dedication is always romantic. If you don't know their favorite varieties and want to go for something classic instead, you really can't go wrong with red roses.
These are available to buy online or in certain gift stores, but it's better if you make your own.
Pick a photograph where the two of you look happy and and are clearly enjoying each other's company.
Balloons are over-the-top and attention grabbing, so if you're looking to make a big statement, this is it. This gift shows that you listen to your partner, that you support their interests and that you would do anything to make them happy. Try doing things like opening a door for your loved one, bringing them their morning cup of coffee in bed or sending a quick text to let them know you're thinking about them throughout the day. If you really care about someone, you'll share your thoughts, your blanket and even your last slice of pizza with them.
The time and effort you put into it will be obvious to your loved one, while eating together will allow you to spend some quality time with each other.
You should tell your partner the truth about everything - whether you ate the last cookie or left the front door unlocked. Don't hold them back for your own selfish reasons - they'll only end up resenting you for it.
Some people find that they can express themselves much better in writing than they can in person.
A smile and a quick "thank you" will do for the little things, but every so often you should sit them down, look them in the eye and tell them "I really appreciate everything you do for me, it means a lot." Thanking your loved one will make them feel needed and appreciated, which is important for any relationship.
It shows that you value their input and that you understand the importance of making decisions together, especially if a decision affects the two of you.
Whether you broke their favorite mug or made an underhand comment during an argument, a genuine, unconditional apology can go a long way to resolving the situation and letting your partner know you care.

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When you say, 'I love you', many people take it as a cliche, but if you really want to show that you'll sacrifice life and limb for them, read on! A mix CD is a great gift because it shows you put time and consideration into finding music they would like. Give them a seashell, a pretty rock, a bird feather or whatever small, cute thing you can find. Give it to your loved one and tell them why you chose that particular picture and what memories it brings back. It doesn't matter if it's trusting them when they say that nothing happened with their ex, or trusting them not to burn the dinner you left on the stove, you need to take them at their word. Surprise your loved one by sending them flowers, calling them unexpectedly or planning a romantic getaway for the two of you.
Celebrate with them when they get a promotion at work or help them through the death of a beloved family member. Through the words of a song or poem you can express all the sweet sentiments and warm, fuzzy feelings that you can't say to their face. She says, “I love to write, and helping people in the process is killing two birds with one stone.” To new editors she says, “Just try things out! If you get it right and they love the tracks, it shows that you listen to them and know them on an intimate level. These little displays of affection are the perfect way to communicate your love without saying a word. Being there for someone can be as simple as sharing a drink together at the end of the week, or as important as giving them a shoulder to cry on when they're feeling low. You should make a point of sitting down with your loved one and asking them to tell you how they're doing - honestly and sincerely. If they're not doing so well, ask what you can do to help or just lend them a sympathetic ear.

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