If you guys have gone out to dinner, get something that will draw his attention to your lips.
Remember not to go over the top with Vaseline, lip balm or lip gloss--they can make for a sticky kiss. Don't feel rejected or heart-broken if you don't get your kiss, the guy probably just isn't ready or doesn't like you that way. Don't rush into the kiss either, just take it slow, make the moment last longer, but make sure he is in to the kiss to, maybe press a little more into the kiss. It's good if you know him in the first place, you can't expect this to work with a complete stranger. If you're too chicken to get close, then pretend you think there's something on his face and try to brush it off.
Continue to talk to him after, even if you only want him as a friend because otherwise it'll be awkward next time you see him. Don't be too clingy after he may not be going for a relationship and you may not be either.
Look your best, wear what you look great in, and at the same time what he likes you to wear, such as his favorite colors.
He either will run after you, grab you and kiss you, or he might just walk next to you with a big smile on his face and kiss you later in the day, maybe when you say good by or good night.
You can change the position steps according to what you think it will fit you more, be flexible. Ask him to hang out somewhere that will set the stage for a kiss--go for a walk, go see a movie, etc.

The touch barrier is that invisible line that gets drawn between two people who are interested in each other.
If you are eating something that is drip-prone (like ice cream, strawberries, watermelon, etc.) let a little juice get on your lips and then lick it off slowly. Make your guy feel like he is the only guy in the world--and the strongest, sexiest guy at that.
If you force yourself he probably either won't like you anymore or he'll be uncomfortable around you. This is best done at a party or gathering or just seeing them, all you need to do is make them notice you have a nice decent conversation, if your at a party ask them to dance or just spend a lot of time with them. If you try to talk to him every single day about meaningless things, you may seem a bit like a stalker, talk to him about things that share an interest in and try to be casual, if the conversation seems a bit awkward he may just be a bit shy but if when you usually speak to him he isn't awkward then maybe change the subject. This also is a good idea to see if he likes you, if he seems to enjoy you touching him, then go for it, but if he tries to swat you away or doesn't like it, don't attempt to kiss him! Does he like you girly in a cute dress, boyish in t-shirt and jeans, or naughty in really revealing red leather, goth, etc. Have mints or a pack of gum handy if you are heading to a party where you think a kissable guy might be.
Giving him a confidence boost may give him just enough confidence to get up the nerve to kiss you! If you have given as many hints as you think you can drop without acting like a crazy person, its time to just ask for a kiss. It is more than likely that that little brush of your lips and your bold request will drive away any lingering shyness he might have.

A good place to do this is on Facebook because it's very casual you can also do it by text but not everyone will have their number. If you show him that you your willing to be kissed but you're not gonna do it, you'll be known as a flirt and a fake.
She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath so do yourself a favor and harness that halitosis. Have an open, welcoming body posture--keep your arms and legs uncrossed, look into his eyes while you are talking and face your body towards his. Ensure your lips are well moisturized, applying some Vaseline or lip balm before bed to prevent them from drying out.
One way to clue him in on the fact that you want a kiss is to look him deep in the eyes, slowly drop your gaze to his lips, and then move them back up to his eyes.
When it comes to the wikiHow community, he loves how everyone is genuinely concerned for each other’s well being, and he appreciates the advice he himself has received from articles like How to Approach a Girl.

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