Understand that fantasizing about members of the same sex does not necessarily mean that you are gay.
Also be aware that choosing an orientation for yourself will not flip a switch in your brain changing everything about how you feel. Scientists also think that having several older brothers increases the likelihood of a man being gay.[5] A male born to into a household of several older brothers is about 2% more likely to be gay, according to researchers at Brock University in St. Know that being gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transgender or anything in-between is okay.
There is room for every degree of sexuality: some will be exclusively straight or gay, and never consider having sex outside their normal orientation. Many people may judge you or try to; don't take notice of them because all they are doing is trying to bring you down and if they cannot accept that your gay or lesbian or bi then don't associate yourself with them. Choose your friends wisely; you don't have to befriend other gay people simply because you have just discovered that you are gay yourself. The conflicting and confusing emotions that may accompany the realization that you are gay can make it difficult to act rationally when presented with your first same sex experience. Straight people do have the occasional "same-sex fantasy": a woman having a strange dream involving a lesbian experience, or a man wondering about what it feels like to kiss that guy in the locker room. Many people who later identify as gay have had heterosexual encounters, many of them quite satisfying. Resist making a generalization about your orientation and stick with what you know: the person you were with wasn't right for you.
However, if you stay with them through their transition, it does mean you should probably identify as biromantic, regardless if you're still sexually attracted to them or not. If you are gay, know that there are many, many gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight people all over the world who have been in your situation. Especially if that person doesn't know who you are, or is trying to pressure you to adopt a set of beliefs or a course of action.

Some people know that they're gay from a very early age; others take time to discover their true nature, perhaps even realizing it only in later life. Some lesbians occasionally seek out male partners, and some gay men seek out female partners. Some people after coming out as gay or lesbian start acting or dressing what is perceived by other "as more gay".
Also remember that Pride parades are not necessarily representative of everyday life for most gay people, any more than a Halloween party is representative of life for people in general. Some lesbians can fall for straight guys, gay guys can fall for trans guys, straight girls, bi guys, bi girls.
On the other hand, having gay friends can provide you with a support network of people who are going through similar experiences as you.
Just fantasizing or daydreaming, however, does not necessarily mean that you were responsible for the fantasy or welcomed it.
Though do remember it's not necessary to experiment with others to know for sure what you are. Many straight people, too, have experimented with people of the same sex, out of curiosity or attraction. A hot area of research currently is in epigenetics, or the study of how non-genetic factors influence the expression of genes. Remember that, while a sexual fantasy does not automatically make you gay, consistent fantasies about members of the same sex do mean something.
Even if you don't identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, you can use this as a starting point to help the gay rights movement or just meet new people.
Try imagining doing sexual things with people of the same or opposite sex (not necessarily someone you actually know). Create labels but don`t let them constrain you regardless of what straight or the LGBT community says.

Regardless of what your parents, your preacher, your queer friends or your straight friends might tell you. She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks.
Note: In this guide, the term gay has been used to include all forms of homosexuality and bisexuality, whether that be people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual or other. What makes you a smoker, or gay, or straight, is having a history of behaving in a certain way, and using that history to predict how you'll act in the future. Sexuality is fluid and many transgender people identify first as gay before discovering more about themselves.
Geneticists hypothesize that homosexuality is linked to "epi-marks," or extra layers of information that determine how genes are expressed.[4] Normally, epi-marks are deleted when genes get passed from parents to children. There are lots straight men who are more submissive and lots of women who are more dominant sexually.
There are a lot of straight people who think they may be gay and obsess about this - you may be one of them. If your past romantic history involved sexual or romantic encounters with the opposite sex, encounters that still leave you sexually excited, there's a good chance that you are straight, or possibly bi. If your romantic experiences with or fantasies about the same sex still leave you sexually excited, there's a good chance that you are either gay or bi. Be proud of who you are and be free to be whoever you want to be without anyone telling how you should act or dress or talk or walk!

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