Back before when the two of you started out and you were so in love you couldn’t get enough of each other. Now after so much that has gone wrong in your marriage the love you feel for your spouse today is barely enough to live in the same house together for one more day.
Only this time you are absolutely sure that you are wiser now and you know how to make better choices. She was convinced her only chance at a life filled with this kind of love would be if she left our marriage and pursued a life with him.
And yet, after all that, here we are today walking in a love for each other that surpasses anything either of us could have ever imagined. So if you have been caught by this lie that love should be an “in love” experience, we understand where you’re at right now. In the next post we will be digging in deeper on this “in love” subject to bring light where there has been so much darkness. Thanks for reading, share in the comments if you like, and may God’s blessings be with you.

You can’t imagine having to live the rest of your life together, without feeling that “in love” experience ever again. You should say goodbye to a marriage that is already dead and you should listen to your heart.
I have heard my wife speak to me the very same words “I love you, but I’m not IN LOVE with you.” As hard as it was for her to say it, it was even harder for me to hear that.
You’re not cold-hearted and you don’t like hurting your spouse, but there has been a serious shift in the way you feel. There was no way you could have ever imagined you would one day lose that feeling, but you did.
What you once thought was love, the love you felt for your spouse, was no where close to the love you are experiencing now.
Specially when she said that the love she felt for this other guy was the greatest love she had ever felt. For her, this experience of being “in love” with this other guy was worth everything she had to give up.

We survived and withstood that “in love” with that other guy thing that nearly ruined my wife and our marriage. Or at least go out on your own again and hope that the right person will come along so that you can once again experience those magical feelings. And you believe without a doubt that if you’re with the right person you will have an “in love” experience that will never end until the day you die.
A real love that has been shaken and nearly destroyed by the storms of life, and yet has been rebuilt stronger than it ever had been before.
All of this is our story and we hope to give out of everything we have experienced and to help bring God’s redemption to as many marriages as we can.

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