Become friends with his friends, guys like having a girlfriend that's comfortable being with him and his friends. If he likes you don't change be you and you only because that is why he likes you on the first place. If he tries to relate to what you're saying, or laughs at a stupid joke you tell, he probably likes you. Don't flat out tell him you like him, because it will break your heart if he doesn't like you.

Texting is a way you can release your feelings without the awkwardness of talking one-on-one. However, make sure that he will not feel uncomfortable because of your overly big interest in his friends instead of him. If you are certain, ask him if he wants to help you study and then you can bring up crushes or something.
Then if you're in middle school and you really like this one guy, read this guide to know if he likes you.

If you say something funny, or you're in class and you say "I don't get it." and that pulls on his heartstrings, he will laugh softly and poke your nose softly, as if saying I like your nose.
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