The family are just back from two weeks in Portugal, with Ruth admitting it was a wrench leaving Maggie behind. Eamonn has three children from his first marriage – Declan, 26, Rebecca, 24, and Niall, 23, – and Ruth is proud of the relationship she has built with them.
It's interesting that they feel ostracized equally by their church and by gays, who think Josh has no claim on the gay label (even though given his life path, he could obviously float by without ever acknowledging it). And Eamonn, who was estranged from his first wife when he started dating Ruth, knows she’d kick him to the kerb if he so much as flirted with another woman online.

But away from the ITV sofa, there’s no room for banter when it comes to one topical issue – marital fidelity. They are close to their mum, but we have a good relationship.” Right now she’s focused on another run of This Morning shows – and a campaign inspired by the other female in her husband’s life. Josh and Lolly's love bears endless dissection for the questions it raises (specifically those that meet at the uncomfortable intersection of sexuality and agency). It’s wrong.” But Ruth also admits their status as one of Britain’s most recognisable couples, hosting This Morning every Friday, helps the pair stay faithful.

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