I see no point in this - not the question, but the social stigma that dictates its the guy's job to ask the girl.
I have 2 daughters 23 & 21 I told both if you like someone don't be afraid to ask him out .
My dad says everything changes in college, guys will definitely not be too shy to ask a girl out, and that the problem of guys not asking girls out is just native to Catholic high schoolers. So yes, it changes, but I won't mislead you into thinking that all inhibition magically goes away; nerdy guys are still nerdy guys, prone to going "EEP, A GIRL," and diving into a giant wedding cake if they see you approaching. I asked my husband out and we have been together for 14yrs, and 12 of those years we have been married. I know my now-ex-boyfriend had feelings for me FOR A YEAR before he asked me out, and my guy friends say that sometimes guys are too shy and want the girl to male the first move.

I know your dad says never to ask the guy out, but of course he's going to say that; he is a dad. And my friends complain about being put in the friend-zone when they wait for a long time to ask out a female. My dad says to never ask the guy out, but I can only take so much battery to my self-esteem, especially from the guys I end up being attracted to! It's a sign of dominance to some men, and not many guys I know are willing to give in to a dominant woman. So, for college and after, can I ask the boys out, or am I doomed to wear a corset and wait for their attention. You will still have to communicate that you're interested, but many guys are eager to finally be more dateable than a cactus, and the dating scene should feel somewhat less awful than what you're dealing with right now.

But I don't think anybody your age would have a problem with girls asking guys out, and in fact, I am telling girls your age to do this so often that I probably have an FBI file by now. I'm sure there are some guys out there who don't like being asked out, but I know literally zero of them; every single guy I know would love being asked out (assuming he had any interest in the girl at all, anyway).
However hard it feels for you ladies to ask a dude out, it feels exactly as hard for a lot of guys to do the same, and there's no good reason they have to ask and you have to twiddle your thumbs and wait.

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