Kissing can naturally transition into French kissing when you're kissing someone you're in love with. If you're one of those people who learn better by watching, the following video offers a decent demonstration of French kissing. French kissing is one of those delightful activities that you have to practice if you want to get really good. A study in the journal Microbiome found that a ten-second French kiss can spread 80 million bacteria between mouths.

Scientific Research in the Netherlands required 21 couples to participate in a study on French kissing. If you've never Frenched someone before, these steps will show you how to do it well enough to impress your partner. French kisses are naturally moist, but your partner doesn't want to wind up slathered in saliva. Their tongues were swabbed and saliva collected before and after a timed ten-second French kiss.

Dry, prudent kisses only transfer 1,000 bacteria and a French kiss will give millions of bacteria!

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