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Some people find it easy to start a conversation, even with a stranger; but not everyone finds it so easy.
Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what to say on a first date, but listening to what your dating partner has to say can be just as important.
Knowing whether to play it safe with a traditional dinner and cinema date or go all out on a fun dating adventure can be difficult to judge. Every Thursday the nation has been tuning in to watch nervous hopeless romantics meet each other for the first time in a busy London restaurant.
Not only does smiling project confidence but it also raises energy levels, which is exactly what you need plenty of on a first date.
They may say silence is a virtue, but whoever said it first obviously never sat through an awkward date. Our article on How to Break the Ice is packed with simple ideas to help make your date the first of many! What you suggest for a first date could reveal a lot about you, so think carefully and pick wisely.

Be sure to read these handy hints that could help you secure that all important second date.
Put it into perspective Putting into perspective what a first date is can help reduce anxiety, stress and the temptation to back out last minute!
Say Thank You Even if you don’t plan on seeing one again its respectful to thank them for the date and wish them luck on their search. Our handy hints will help you stay calm and collected, so you can really put your best foot forward on your date. Keep it positive Exes, a bad day in the office or family problems – keep it to yourself if you want a second date! Our First Date Tips for Shy Singles section is bursting at the seams with helpful advice to help you get started with dating. Our 15 Alternative First Date Ideas section offers you a range of fresh ideas and fun twists on traditional dating ideas that could help you start something special with the object of your affections. Make eye contact Not only does eye contact create a bond between yourself and your date but it also shows you are giving them your full attention.
Have a reality check A first date is simply a chance to meet someone new, face to face, to see whether you get on.

Remember conversation is a two-way street Ask plenty of questions and be sure to listen to the answers. Relax and stop with the analysis Don’t spend the date mentally ticking off your dating checklist. Don’t expect fireworks If they happen, great, but don’t go into a date expecting there to be instantaneous chemistry. Forget about the ‘three day rule’ and drop your date a line the next day to get something sorted.
In a less outrageous example, a friend of mine dated a guy for weeks, saw potential, and then found out he was an extremist nut-job.
So keep the toughest topics to a minimum by avoiding the long-winded, beat-around-the-bush approach and simply mentioning "I'd love to have kids in the next few years" or "I have to keep a kosher home" for example.

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