25:36 And the true servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk the earth with humility and when the ignorant address them, they respond with words of peace. Not too long ago, a team of doctors in China found several maggots living inside the body of an otherwise perfectly healthy man. Luckily, the intervention went smoothly and the maggots were removed without any complications.
According to Daily Mail, this most bizarre incident happened in the city of Guangzhou in China's Guangdong province. Experts believe that it was while on this continent that the man came across the maggots, which at that time were probably mere larvae. After closely examining his skin and also carrying out a series of tests, doctors here told the man that he had maggots living under his skin and that, to find and remove them, they had to cut into his body. Information shared with the public says that, all in all, surgeons recovered about 20 maggots from inside the patient's body. Specialists say that the little wriggly fellow found inside Ma's body were tumbu fly maggots. Thus, wildlife researchers say that, after emerging from eggs laid on the ground by their mother, tumbu fly larvae go in search of a human or an animal to feed on. Whether through their amazing abilities at camouflage, or just their simple ability to blend into the habitat they're in, birds can sometimes be maddeningly difficult to see.

When I thought of this topic for Dawn Chorus today, this is the shot that came to mind for me. This next one is pretty easy to see, but if not for those yellow leaves on the ground, this female Red-winged Blackbird would be awfully easy to overlook given that shredded bark she's standing on.
Here's a Green Heron whose colors strongly match the colors of the creek and bank it's crouching in waiting for food to swim by.
When you see a Northern Mockingbird on a fence post or telephone line against a bright blue sky, they stick out like a sore thumb.
Here's another bird whose plumage has adapted so closely to its environment, it's very difficult to see unless you're right on top of the bird (as I was with this one) or you happen to see it move. And here it is in even better light, the better in which to see how it blends in to the tree trunk it's climbing. The man is now feeling much better and the specialists who treated him are confident that he will make a full recovery.
It is understood that, before he started feeling ill, the man, identified only as Ma, spend 6 months working in Africa.
Without the man's realizing it, the teeny tiny creatures crept inside his body and set up camp right under his skin. Once they settle on a victim, they simply work their way through the skin and camp in the tissue under it.

I stand there looking up into the branches, craning my head left and right, leaning, moving around and around, and I still can't make out the damn bird.
Look at how this little female House Sparrow takes on the colors of the ground around the shallow bowl where she's performing her dust bathing.
I accidentally flushed it and it flew up into a nearby tree which you see in the second shot of it below. Tgypsy and I were birding last year with a friend of hers when the friend spotted this American Bittern in the canal running parallel to the two-lane road we were driving slowly along, hoping for just this sort of find. When his local doctor failed to help him, he decided to visit a specialist at the Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital. Unfortunately for Ma, baby tumbu flies are not shy about feasting on human flesh while in their larval stage. If that's also on your agenda for the day, I hope you get to see some hidden birds as well as those beauties right out in the open.
Using a valuable and sophisticated technique that I'm sure all the pros use (ha!), I finally just pointed my camera at the general area where I thought the bird was and took the shot.

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