Keep your thumb on the local music scene each week with music news, trends, artist interviews and concert listings. No surprise, New York City is among the most popular gay and lesbian travel and vacation destinations.
Holding up to its reputation as the city that never sleeps, it’s no surprise that New York City is home to tons of hot gay bars and nightclubs. Browse our events and find the most reliable information about the best gay events around the globe. Magnum is where the old gays and the young gays come to sway to both showtunes and trance beats. For years, this relaxed but chic queer staple offered visitors from around the world a club packed with hotties looking for Mr.

This gay sports bar was once an upscale spot that specialized in delightfully infused vodkas (and even had an actual ice bar!). Gay New York is home to millions of people, the hustle and bustle of the big city life is truly exhilarating.
Inside, you’ll find seasoned queens and their fans in the dim light, perched on stools and surrounded by crimson walls, red velvet drapes and gilded mirrors. This is the premier gay Latin nightclub in Miami, offering a welcome break from the glitz and sleaze of South Beach and an intro to the Little Havana area. On every street and at every intersection you’ll find people zooming here and there with a strong sense of purpose. The Dugout, located in the popular Midtown area, has allowed the gays to change with the times and show their butch side with pride.

Oddly enough, there’s a straight arm to the club called Trade, offering trance and deep house to get your heart pumping with a different crowd. But Score remains a powerhouse of gay party fun, bringing in international DJs like Benny Benassi, Danny Tenaglia and the late Frankie Knuckles, and singers whose voices will make you peak with delight, like Paulina Rubio. For those with a hankering for muscles, Magic Mike-type meatheads will also titillate and tempt as you clutch your dirt-cheap drink in sweaty, trembling hand. Former gay clubs live on as nights here too, like ’90s staple Salvation and Club Boi, which caters to the sexiest black men of South Florida and their biggest fans.

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