Sure, we have all said that women are attractive and that the more feminine they are, the better!
Movies, music and entertainment as a whole has painted society a picture of how lesbians pursue one another. I hope this works for you and you decide that it can’t be so bad to venture the land for a woman who embraces her femininity like you!

Posted on May 12, 2015 by Sami Peterson.This entry was posted in Bar Life, Party Culture, San Diego, San Diego Culture and tagged bars, butch, femme, femme invisibility, femme lesbian, flip flops, Gay, gay bars, gay eye contact, gaydar, hillcrest, lesbian, queer, San Diego. The very first thing you tell this very attractive woman can range from the fact that you are lesbian and found her to be quite sexy (which would be the honest truth leaving little mystery) to giving a gracious compliment on those amazing heels she has on (which would be a quick leap into the friend zone).
Read her eyes, watch for a smile (especially teeth which is a plus!) and tilt your head to give a sign of interest when asking her anything.

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