A love letter, a romantic text message, or a love card is incomplete without some romantic messages. If you want to tell him how you feel, or if you want to drop in that special message just to make him smile, use these love quotes for him. As true love is a hidden treasure that not all stumble upon, make it beautiful while you can.

Our today’s article is a amaze collection of Love quotes for him from the heart, including, Love quotes, in which you’ll get, Cute love quotes for him, Sad love quotes for him, Funny love quotes for him, Best love quotes for him, I love him quotes, and many more for Whatsapp status, Facebook status, so choose as per your choice and stay tuned for more updates of Famous quotes, Famous status.
To make these messages more intimate, you can use the following 'I love you' quotes for him. As they say, it takes two to tango, when the other person is also taken over by this insanity, one gets tangled in the roots of love.

Many find love is a funny feeling that causes butterflies to fly in your stomach and spend sleepless nights without having to feel drowsy the next day.

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