In this conversation game each person takes turns adding a name and a thing in alphabetical order. In this game each person takes turns telling two things that are true about themselves and one thing that is not, the other players must then guess what is fact and what is fiction. This game traditionally starts with the phrase I spy with my little eye something… and then one descriptor is added such as red, smaller than a mouse, made out of wood.
A classic conversation game in which one person declares a category such as Fruit and the other players must come up with 10 examples of that category. And speaking of questions – the simple conversation game of asking interesting questions to answer never gets old. For more fun ways to get conversations going in your family, take a look at our Conversation Starters Page for printable conversation starters, games and more. I can only play games involving looking out of the car as I unfortunately have always got motion sick.

We play an alphabet game where we find the letters of the alphabet on a sign along the road.
Sitting down for dinner as a family is a nice way to unwind away from media distractions like television, internet, and video games. Conversation Starters for the New Year – These are good anytime, but many relate to goals, plans and what you want in the coming year. Family Conversation Starters – Wonderful questions for really getting to know your kids. Conversation games are so much fun for car rides, meal time…anytime you have a few moments with your family.
Guess Three About Me – This game has brought out surprising answers about what our kids are thinking! The first person might say: A my name is Alice and I like apples, and the next person could say A my name is Alice and I like Apples, B my name is Bobby and I like bears and so the game goes with each person reciting and adding to the chain.

This conversation game is incredibly simple, has no real winner or concrete ending, it will keep you giggling and like it or not it may just crop back up hours after you thought it was finished. Dinner table conversation fosters an occasion for children to work on communication skills while articulating their own opinions.
I think more families should be eating dinner together, or at least 1 night a week have a family dinner. Printable Cards – The Measured Mom offers 48 printable cards with Would You Rather questions, great conversation starters for long car rides!

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