Before I start to tell you what all didn't work for me in this book let me just say that even though this book wasn't my jam, I could tell by the writing that the author is extremely talented and that I would try other books by her. I read the book after reading your review, thank you so much for recommending it to us all. It began by giving us a heart-wrenching taste of the future, and then took us right back to the very beginning showing how the relationships intensified over the years and allowing us to fall in love with them as they were falling in love with each other.It was gorgeous but made my heart ache watching Ryan's quiet, unspoken love for Fin grow throughout his childhood.
But as much as he was in love with her, he couldn't allow himself to have her because his whole life had been building towards the dream of getting out and away; of becoming a solider. The writing was effortless and enthralling and I felt like I was watching a movie of the events rather than just reading them.

I was about 10% into the book when I knew my ass was in trouble, but I held out because I hoped the love would redeem all the other stuff that bugged me. Sometimes I'd even go back and immediately reread a section because it had hit me so strongly that I just wanted to keep reliving it.Ryan and Fin were true soul mates. Fin dates Ian for years, but when he wants to move in together and take the next step because he is madly in love with her she holds him at arms length. Yes she does stop before sleeping with him , but if you have a bf and you're kissing someone else and they have their hand on your breast,and ass, and you are kissing them back it's cheating.
I can understand jumping forward every once in a while in a story, there are so many in this book it's crazy.All that being said there was some moments in this book that totally broke my heart and had me emotional, and there was some sweet moments with Fin and Ryan, I loved Jake, and the writing was good.

I am the minority in my views on this book and almost all my friends loved it so I would tell anyone who wants to read it to go for it.

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