Most beautiful women have NEVER been approached because most guys find them beyond their league. I would have many boys following me around as I went on a rickshaw for tuition, but never had an affair.
Agreement on the most unerogenous zones was also strong: these included the elbow, shin, knee-caps, nose, and forehead. The level of agreement counts against the popular belief that men and women have substantially different erogenous zones. The authors also say that their finding disproves the theory that feet are erogenous zones because the brain area responsible for feet sensation overlaps with the area representing genitals. While I hadn’t seen the feet overlap hypothesis contested before, and they soundly trounce it, I remember the idea that erogenous zones for men and women studied in a similar manner before. But there is a problem with claiming high similarity here across the sexes that the authors dismiss unceremoniously in the opening paragraph of the discussion as women being generally sensitive to touch.
While there are very high correlations between men and women there really are some critical differences.

The authors do admit that women have higher erotic intensity for some body parts but claim this has been exaggerated in popular media. Therefore, I believe that while the correlations show high similarity, the idea that women show greater variety in what they find highly arousing is supported by this data, not defeated. This is not unlike my experience that most women find guys’ oral love making skills to be quite lacking. Ramachandran attempted to explain why the feet of others are a point of sexual interest for a tiny subset of the population.
Several years ago there were even images made up almost like a sensory homunculus for where people liked to be touched and men and women were highly similar in some respects that, if memory serves, match the current data.
If you look at the magnitudes in Table 1 you can see that men rate 2 parts, above 7 while women rate 6 parts above 7. Given that women have 4 non-genital body parts rated above a man’s scrotum I find that a hard statement to reconcile in the data. If women were just generally more sensitive or tended to rate higher then all, or nearly all, items need to be higher.

For instance, almost all the women I’ve known whose feet turned out to be erogenous had never had a lover pay attention to their feet before. Of course, in this questionnaire, women say that genitals are a vital erogenous zone, but most women I’ve known have had quite unsatisfying experiences when being on the receiving end of oral sex. There was a web page with pictures of a man and woman with rollovers where sizes of parts changed relative to how much touch was preferred in that area. For example, he has speculated that one of the underlying causes of autism is olfactory bulb dysgenesis. Men rate scrotum 3rd and no item after that is over 6 while women rate nape of neck, breast, and nipples, all over 7.
Perhaps the authors had this fanciful notion that the media portrays the man as just a penis and the woman as an all over erogenous zone.

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