If you have just gotten over a recent divorce or split up, it can be one of the most heart wrenching experiences you’ll ever face.
Tips of Divorce articles are written by our expert team consisting of a recent divorcee, the creator of the website, a lawyer, a journalist, and content managers who edit and publish the articles. If you don’t feel comfortable in a situation and your intuition is telling you to move on, do it. But after all the tears have subsided and you’re ready to pick yourself back up again, don’t fall into the many traps that other women do, and end up with a broken heart all over again.
Though you may be flattered at first, it could turn out to be a nightmare as the relationship progresses.

It could be fun, but it may not be wise to become too emotionally entwined or attached to the relationship; it’s more probable that he will want to settle down with someone his own age in the future. He sells drugs, robs people, is a hitman, runs credit card scams, is just in and out of jail for everything imaginable but for some reason he gets dates while he’s out on parole. He has to have label, no matter the financial sacrifice (he will use bill money to buy new shoes). He’s sleeping with your coworker, the mail courier, the clerk at the check-cashing place, your one cousin that hates you, the chick from church, and his babymama. He may not be sleeping with them all but there is certainly no room for any intimacy with you two when his heart, attention, resources and time are stretched so thin.

And he just can’t stop telling everyone how much better than them he is, how he does things and who he knows.

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