Scientists at Australia's University of Wollongong are hoping to boost women's workouts, but not with training tips or special sports drinks. The bra industry could welcome this new group of bra wearers because of the very real medical reasons why men need to wear bras.
And I've been racking my brain, trying to understand what women, no matter the age, would frivolously throw out such expensive undergarments, especially when like a man, a good bra is hard to find. I usually take it off in the car on the way home because I simply cannot stand it a moment longer.

It is armored with ceramic, titanium, aluminum, and steel to withstand bomb blasts, and it is sealed in case of biochemical attack.
Obama can be a dynamic speaker before large audiences and charming in very small groups, but, like a normal human being and unlike the near-pathological personalities who have so often held the office, he is depleted by the act of schmoozing a group of a hundred as if it were an intimate gathering. Like a seasoned standup comedian, he has learned that a well-timed heckler can be his ally. Nicholson is the guy who is always around, who carries the bag and the jacket, who squeezes Purell onto the Presidential palms after a rope line or a clutch; he is the one who has the pens, the briefing books, the Nicorette, the Sharpies, the Advil, the throat lozenges, the iPad, the iPod, the protein bars, the bottle of Black Forest Berry Honest Tea.

A fact like this can seem to chime with the sort of complaints you hear all the time about Obama, particularly along the Acela Corridor.

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