Bethenny Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy split up just before the holidays, but it looks like Hoppy and Frankel have no immediate plans to separate residences. Bethenny Frankel may be headed toward divorce, but she still lives with estranged husband Jason Hoppy.
As you know, Bethenny filed for sole custody over a year ago, and she and Jason have been battling it out in court ever since, all the while sharing their high dollar apartment.
Joe And Teresa Giudice Speak Out About Their Federal Indictment Charges; Staying Positive, Blame The Show!

Anyway, as Noah threatens to kill his mother-in-law his son Martin (Jake Siciliano) walks out of his bedroom.
Of course, after over a year of battling out in court, there are some people who would pay just about anything to have the entire debacle over for good…but not Bethenny. Trevor is the only one in Noah’s family who is happy to see him, but that quickly changes when Noah explains to Trevor Noah is divorcing Trevor's mom and has fallen in love with another woman. Margaret tells Noah she sent the children away because she didn’t want them to witness Noah’s “psychosis.” Margaret tells Noah his things have been moved to the basement, but when he gets down there, Noah only sees one box of his stuff.

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