Texting isn't rocket science, but that doesn't stop some people from making errors which can't be neglected. It may seem that only guys fumble for words or end up upsetting the girls they wish to attract. Guys are very simple when it comes to sex, and for them it means pleasure and pure pleasure. These include sending certain types of texts and not following universally-accepted texting practices. The guy is texting the girl to hold a conversation, stating genuine issue, and trying to get her to respond and involve her into his life.

But when a guy makes the mistake of not keeping in touch and thinks that he can just come back, and things will be alright, he's got another thing coming. On a different type of conversation, like sending random texts that serve no purpose, if a guy sends 2 - 3 texts one after the other, without giving the girl a chance to reply to at least one of them, it only invites trouble. As for guys who are on the receiving end of such messages, handle sensitive topics like weight, beauty, etc., with utmost care. Here are 20 sexy questions to ask a guy that’ll turn him on instantly and get him talking dirty in no time. Many guys have the ability to get a girl's number, but how they use it afterwards is the key.

Also, just ask the girl out instead of beating around the bush and wasting both of your time.

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