A man who goes to bed at 9PM and a woman who retires at midnight might be able to make a relationship work, but it doesn’t sound like much fun. When he moves in with you, he wants to install his Meerschaum collection in your living room etagere.
Old guys are perfectly capable, if they are in general good health, of vigorous sexual performance.  If you fall for a man with a performance hang-up, your assurances, constancy, and sexiness can help him get over it. If I have a mission in this blog, it’s to let the world know that age means nothing when it comes to great relationships and great sex, and that there is nothing geriatric about sex with a healthy man of 60, 70, 80 and beyond. This may or may not describe your man; however, a good way to find out is to ask questions, observe whether what he does aligns with what he says. There have been many younger women who have been deceived into thinking that an older man has more money, time, patience, and skill than other men.
Some of the things he chooses to do may not seem practical to others such as buying the car he always dreamed of, dating you, leaving a marriage that he has been in for over ten years, dressing like people half his age, obsessing over his appearance, etc. This information is vital to have when you are dating older men or think that they are better than men your own age.
The money, fame, fortune or anything else you are seeking come with hard work and are shared with the spouses who are in the relationship for the long haul. I feel that a man who knows that he has emotional baggage should not attempt to seriously date unless he understands this baggage and BEGINS to work on it.
I agree that men can have just as much baggage and usually this stigma only gets placed on women. I think it actually does a huge disservice by not addressing men with baggage issues properly because it enables men to hide their emotions whether it ‘s hurt or anger even more which ultimately can cause them to manifest through other avenues.
Then all the men talk amongst themselves (if they even get that far) which only validates the very same baggage they crucify women for carrying. Women have the girlfriend support system, but few men have friendships of the shoulder-to-cry-on kind.  A grieving man may stay rooted in the past until you show him that yes, he can go on. That’s wonderful if you love pipes with turtles or sea captains carved on their bowls.
We share a sense of humor, many values though our politics are very different, he has baggage that gets in the way sometimes (so do I).
My significant other collects old photos of old trains and they’re all over the house. They expect you to be okay with bad haircuts and jeans that hang loose on their butts, but you have to look like a movie star or they’re critical. The following advice may or may not have been shared with you by some well-meaning family member or friend. A well-educated, wealthy, handsome, older man is not dating a younger woman for just mere shallow reasons like “she’s pretty and athletic” neither is an ignorant, poor, ugly, older man. This kind of shallow advice has unfortunately come from people who have had good experiences dating older men. They don’t always have time on their hands to spend with their younger mate mainly when they are looking forward to retirement; therefore, he may be putting in longer hours at work.

If he isn’t satisfied with how he has lived his life he may become depressed or he may overcompensate for his lack by doing things to make him feel better. Know that if you should date an older man, there are shallow ideologies that you must rid yourself from thinking. Women who have sought men solely for these qualities may be riding in the limousine for a moment, but in time are kicked out with their bags left on the curb wearing humiliation on their makeup smudged faces. Author of hundreds of articles on American and black culture, gender issues, singles, dating and relationships. Otherwise you would be a man proud of what you have earned, the money youDeborrah on Mens Right to Choose: Opting Out of Fatherhood With a Financial AbortionMy blog, my opinions, my views.
It has helped me alot in the dating world and I just wanted to tell you keep doing what you're doing.
He was a few years older than me, so immediately I thought he would be more serious than many of the knuckleheads I had recently met. I think often times they don’t always feel they have a safe haven to deal with their baggage. And sometimes men may need a more emotionally intelligent woman to help them deal with their issues and offer them support and guidance in the area of emotional management and healing. Many of them develop holier-than-thou attitudes to mask their true feelings, and that negative energy is dispersed into the world in the form of horrible articles and biased relationship books!
Although not every older guy suffers with medical problems, the older he gets the more likely he will.
An older guy is likely to have established who he is as a person and what he wants from a potential partner. But we talk it through, we laugh about it, and then I sleep all night in his arms, usually awakened several time for delicious orgasms and somehow he always gets it exactly right whether to make them sweet and easy or wild and free or a combination of the two, and with what rhythms.
Since many younger women are busily preparing for their careers, involved in various activities, and spend time socializing with friends, they aren’t spending a lot of time getting to know their older men.
With some older men, their objective is to find a younger woman who is naive, and will cater to his every need. Relationships vary between couples; however, some common problems may arise in relationships where a younger woman is dating an older man. Dating an older man can come with a whole host of excess baggage, such as your new partner still going through a divorce, arguing with his ex or having difficulties with the children.
The fault lies squarely with erectile dysfunction “specialists.” Your warmth and caring will expose their idiotic assertions that Viagra-less sex is just a memory after 45. Unfortunately, it is very easy for the mature man to say and do things that may ultimately hurt his younger mate’s feelings in the end. When you find an inconsistency in his statements and actions then you will know what kind of man you are dating. However, what he has forgotten, in his quest to find less baggage, is that women of childbearing age will have menstrual issues and if they become pregnant will go through similar issues that menopausal women face. Changes nothing in my world, which means you'reDeborrah on Mens Right to Choose: Opting Out of Fatherhood With a Financial AbortionSee response above.

I think they are taught to brush their bags under the carpet and thats why they are never dealt with. Dating an older guy may have its positives, but you need to ensure that you have enough room to do your own growing as a person.
The novelty of dating an older guy may no longer appeal as much as you age or as your lifestyle changes.
It’s simply about a man being upfront and honest from the jump and women taking him at his word and realizing that if she includes her heart in the matter, it may just get unintentionally broken. That is contingent upon whether or not that man cares about anything other than the coochie. Like you, I thought he was great, we were compatible, great times & conversation from the jump without a doubt. If you want to marry in the future but your man does not, this could create irresolvable issues. Most men have also been hurt, just like women, and often times they don’t deal with those issues before getting into a new situation. I feel that it’s okay to be with a man who has issues, especially if you do too so you can be more understanding of him and he of you. The same way you or I may need someone to work with us and help us to grow, mature, and develop, so may this brother, Justin. However, as we all do—he had a rough patch and was having issues dealing or coping with certain matters of the heart (from the past) and his future with unforeseen situations. He would make jokes about me not answering the phone because I was with my ‘other guy’; then his mistrust would cause him to become distant. Most of the time he’s just looking for someone to RECOGNIZE his feelings without judging him. I feel that it’s all good as long as he is tackling those issues in a constructive way and hopefully being with a lady who is working on her issues too. I feel that women shouldn’t stay with a man like this because she simply wants to help him though. While he didn’t come with a lot of physical baggage (he had good credit, single, and no kids), he had enough emotional issues to make up for it. Usually they can’t, and they’re then transferred into another relationship.Justin came into my life lugging enough emotional baggage to take our relationship on a trip straight to break-up land. Just like women with baggage, he had a lot of good traits, but they were overshadowed by emotional issues.Both men and women go through situations that can make them better or worse. Dating a man with baggage isn’t necessarily a no-no, just like dating a woman with a lot of baggage shouldn’t be.

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