When the Taurus woman and Libra man are dating, it begins with candlelit dinners and flowers, as the Libra male is very affectionate. The only thing that may come between in the Taurus woman Libra man love compatibility is his lack of organization. Because he is a true gentleman who appeals to her softer, more romantic side, the Taurus woman and Libra man soulmates often moves onto the next level in the bedroom.
Much of the Taurus woman and Libra man marriage compatibility will be comfortable and harmonious, but problems can still arise.
Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Libra is a cardinal air sign, the Taurus woman Libra man compatibility gets a THREE Hearts rating. I also have a Libra man guide and Taurus woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.
I am a Taurus but right on the cusp of Gemini, though I still feel very much a Taurus - very homey, materialistic and love nice things also very practical. Strangely I have been happily married to a Capricorn for many years now and we have kids and lots of nice stuff in our nice home! I have been on and off with a Taurus woman (I am a Libra male), and after 4 years of being a see-saw, fickle minded Libra, her patience, enduring affection got me. When we were dating, I immediately fell weak at the knees for his mesmerizing smile and his irresistible sense of humor.
But I loved this man so much I didn't want to see myself without him, so I strengthened my patience and my charm and we compromised. I am a Taurus woman dating a Libra man, we knew each other as kids and hadn't seen each other in 16 years when a friend introduced us thinking we'd be the perfect couple.
I am a Libra male dating a Taurus female, and I have to say, when I met her she was very defensive, she would show me that she liked me but yet wouldn't let me get close enough to even kiss her. I'm a Taurus woman, dating a Libra man for about 8 months now, it starts out fast in between us, while I still had a boyfriend, but the Libra man seems careless and free minded like a new born baby, that just makes me want to melt for him.
I'm a 42yo Libran male, and was engaged and living with a Taurean lady 4 years my junior, for 11 years long and very turbulent years.
I am a Taurus women who has had an on off relationship with a Libra man for the past three years.
Those of you say Libra can't make up their mind, true, they are very indecisive but if the partner is dominant in making the decision like us Taurean, the Libran will admire us for our decision making. Myself as a Taurus, I am truly blessed and the luckiest wife in the world to be married to my Libra husband. To those of you; any signs, wants to be with a Libra man you need patience and enduring affection. To the Taurus who wrote above saying Libra can't last long with any other sign than taurus. I am a Libra male Libra 2 week of Society getting ready to date a Taurus for the first time and I already see sparks flying and haven't even seen her yet, I saw those big Taurus eyes and that shy smile I knew that this woman is going to bear all my children !!

Hi know this is weird but would like some advise I am a Taurus (18) I am independent graduated early working two jobs love working and do everything. Ha this is exactly what I am doing to my libra!!I hope maybe he feels the same as you and thats why we are having problems.
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The calming personality of the female bull and the caution of the male scale fit easily in this Taurus woman Libra man relationship. The earthy Taurus appreciates the airy Libra, as she is grounded in reality and he is analytical in nature.
The Libra man is dependable and appreciates comfortable surroundings, which his Taurus lover can provide. The Taurus Libra in love both enjoy the functional comforts of home, without needing frills or fancy accoutrements. The Taurus female’s beauty and grace are also alluring to him, and they instantly connect. He may not always take the lead, which can be confusing to Taurus women who is usually more submissive.
The Taurus and Libra zodiac sign pairing can be harmonious only when they learn to accept each other with love and respect.
If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Libra and Taurus compatibility article on this relationship first. I have had difficulties with Male Librans being rather flighty and childish as well as sexually charged. Also to those of you that are afraid Libra is very social-flirty they are only like that when they haven't find their right mate yet. I'm a Taurus girl and we always get on well but it's never been turned into something secure.
For example, my best guy friend in middle school for awhile was a Libra and we were so damn flirtatious with each other, and eventually got closer. Anyways just a couple months ago I met a older Libra and I guess maybe that he was giving me attention and maybe I enjoyed that. Me and my Libra got into a fight a few days ago, I miss him soo much but have no idea what to say to him, I was going to just go to his house and see him and pretend like everything was normal and we hadnt been fighting just so I could see him but I still havent, maybe today I will, I feel like maybe he doesn't wanna see me. For those of you who don't know a Libra 2 is a Libra born in the week of oct 3-10 and a Taurus 3 is a Taurus born in the week of may 11-18. I have never dated a Libra before so I came on here to read what others relationships were like. I am five year older than him, I feel tired to have to worry about many things while I usually don't have to when I was dating other mature men.
Living with a Libra for many years I learned that they don't show their weak side to those who are not close to him.

For a few months I hung around compromising in hope that things will come back or change, but people rarely change, especially if they are Taurus's I guess. I'm like no he on the short side and I need this and this and that in order for him to be consider to be my man lol. My Libra is 32 and he act's like he's 16 most days, so I'm actually being generous on that calculation lol. Three years later, a new Libra guy has taken the place of my BGF and even if he's a great friend, something is always missing with him.. I felt so attached after a couple times I went to see him at work where he is a manger at a bowling alley. And then he started acting very aloof, unaffection, and I even started noticing his appreciation for other woman.
I really hope he notices how much I still care if I cant find the nerve to tell him, I hope he runs after me no matter how far I run, be ecause when you are a Taurus girl and in love you seem to run farther away just to make sure he will still follow , just to make sure he is still in the race even .
I need to know if he's really in love with me still after so many fights and reconciled, only thing that I can do is to make myself better and not to fight with him anymore. I wasn't the pushy type or anything but at the time my girlfriends were deathly worried about me afraid I was going to be play by this Libra man. In a perfect world you would be my Libra and you would know now how I feel so I don't have to wait around untill one of us does something about it!
I hope this advice helps you, I hope my Libra is thinking the same way as you or im screwed lol. He feels pressurized if I want something on my own way and the biggest conflict is there that being a Taurus I do not like changes in my habits. Its really funny at times and more challenging for me.Im an optimistic person and up for trying harder because I really fancy this Libra guy. They will never initiate this so if you're prepared to always be the dominate one in the relationship, the Libra man may be the one for you.
He felt very close and I am very attracted so then he said I want to kiss you and I am little shy in that field so we kissed like the French and man I felt turned on and uhhmm.. One thing about me thou I was taught my great granny a man needs his le-way and I will grant him that. Ya so we wentfor a drive then came back to the same parking lot where my car was and kissed again and man it stuck to me.
Libran men, I have also found, are very vindictive if they don't get their own way (aka controlling), and won't stop until they feel they have won, and will do anything to get there.
You will see many new traits that weren't apparent while you're spending limited hours together.

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