A girl without a father does not want to create waves because she has been underwater longer than she cares to explain. When you date a girl without a father, you need to understand you will not always understand. You are consumed with a strange, irrational guilt when you answer a phone call from your dad.
Ok, so this post should really be called “Why You Should Date a Girl Who is Addicted to Yoga,” but I thought as a title that was a bit extreme. I have been seeing these “Why You Should Date a ______” and “Why You Shouldn’t Date a ______” floating around the Internet lately and I thought it was about time that I hopped on the train. She surrounds herself with people who lift her up, love her unconditionally and don’t create drama.
She’s the kind of girl who sneaks out of work early to do something that makes her happy if the thought pops into her mind. A yogi understands the true meaning of “strong not skinny” and isn’t afraid to dig into some grub in front of her man. She has experienced the miraculous sensation of being one with a really kick-ass song in the middle of a really kick-ass class. She has experienced the dreaded “first day back in the studio after a week of downtime” and knows that all good things in life take work, every day, and relationships (and yoga poses) are not something you can expect to be great without putting in consistent effort.
People don’t just fall head over heels in love with yoga and its teachings if they are not searching for a greater purpose.

The girl who is addicted to yoga knows that nothing is perfect, and she has learned to hold people, and herself, to a realistic standard. All you need to say is, “Sure, I’ll try that yoga class with you,” or “I tried that pose you showed me to stretch out my shoulders,” and she will basically leap with joy.
She has learned that in order to be at peace, she must have a loving relationship with herself first. I understand your attempt at writing a fun, light-hearted yoga article, but I just don’t think this shares with the world what yoga is all about, nor does it paint women who practice yoga in a positive light.
I also got a little sick to my stomach at some of these…i totally agree with everything you wrote.
I agree with you Bo… a girl who is this into yoga doesn’t always want a man to date!
My passion was always to work with young impressionable people who could really use the practice to better their lives and feel connected.
People find yoga, like any great spiritual practice, when they are in need of meaning and guidance. She won’t bore you with it if you don’t want to hear it, but it’s cool to know that your girl is swimming in philosophic thought rather than reality show madness or inner-girl-world friendship drama. The only thing I take issue with is that you seem to think only guys would date yoga girls. I esentially grew up and even went to college within an 8 block radius of the hospital where I was born.

I grew up in East LA which wasn’t the safest place, so my big thing with yoga was to use it to help kids.
She doesn’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) problems and is fully OK with a night in with her pajamas, a good book and a bowl of (vegan) ice cream. She won’t stay with you if you don’t give her more butterflies than her super amazing yoga high.
She doesn’t deal with people who don’t make her happy, and if there is something she is unhappy about with herself she works on it. She will never settle!), but putting an effort into her interests will mean the world to her.
As I would like to share this with my girlfriend, it would be cool to feel like gay girl yogis are yogis, too. I got involved with programs in LA to work with At Risk Youth and develop programs to bring into school, but it was difficult, and at that time I felt like I needed more training to deal with trauma effectively. Rosie always helped keep our sangha stay upbeat through tough training days with her bubbly and playful spirit.
So, I was super excited to bring her into Evolve for a YogiSpotlight so that we could share this Portland gem with all of you!

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