Well because we rotate throughout the class, we can accommodate those who bring a partner or those who may be coming alone.
With the launch of our group class program in 2014, we have been teaching beginner level dancers from all over Chicago. Our new schedule is posted on-line and we will continue to add classes as we continue to grow in the new year.
COUPLES WORKSHOPS NYC WEDDING DANCE ENTERTAINMENT - NYSalsababy Dance Space & Latin Dance Lessons - Best Salsa Classes in NYC & Free Latin Dance Lessons in Brooklyn, Manhattan & 5 boroughs of NYC.
This is a semi-private workshop limited to 6 couples for personal guidance and connect with your own partner (couples, partners, parents, first date, best friends). Each workshop focuses on basic foundation and partner connections to club-style partner dances: Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata. Our classes are taught by Cynthia La China & Hector el Guajiro, two professional performers, veteran social dancers, passionate certified teachers with years of performance training, social dancing tips to share.
We are a group of professional dancers and seasoned performers who entertains, teaches and performs at numerous venues: dance festivals, salsa congresses, live concerts, TV, movies, entertainment clubs, galleries, museums, libraries, schools. We are an elite group of professional dancers and seasoned performers who entertains, teaches and performs for multi-ethnic clients in corporate, education, charity, cultural, media, entertainment, social and private events. We offers cultural dance showcases, group workshops, performing with live band entertainment, motivation guest dance services, etc.

Annual all-white Guajira Cha & Salsa Dance Cruise, featuring Salsa dance lesson and performance by NYSalsababy Dance. We are very excited about our ballroom dance program and we can’t wait to help our students grow on the dance floor. We love working with our clients and lead the industry in working with the most wedding couples in Chicago.
Whether you guys are more of a tango-loving, sensual, sexy couple or a couple of rhythmic hip hoppers (or anything in between), there’s so much fun to be had when you two get your bodies moving!
Learn the fundamentals, essentials to NY club-style Salsa & Latin dances with two professional performers, veteran social dancers and certified teachers in Brooklyn, Manhattan & 5 boros of NYC.
Whether it's first wedding or couple dances, 1:1 coaching and dance choreography can be purchased in multi-session packages for greater savings.
A sought-after Latin dance company providing professional entertainment, dance showcases, motivation guest dance services, workshops for corporate, education, social, media, public & private events. Admission includes dinner, music, social dancing, raffles, giveaways, breathtaking sunsets & NYC spectacular views.
We also offer private ballroom dance lessons for anyone who may want to take their lessons in a more intimate environment.
With so many weddings, we decided we would be the ones to help Chicago get ready for the wedding season.

Your first steps & your first dance together is your foundation to many good things to come. We can take those nervous feelings away by helping you become more comfortable with each dance step.
At Windy City Wedding Dance we have a dance studio full of life and excitement and we are ready to help you with your dance journey.
We offer beginner salsa classes for couples, singles, same-sex partners, LGBT, kids, teens, adults, seniors. Daily private lessons & dance performances offered for weddings, birthdays, sweet 16, corporate, education, social, media, private & public events in NY, NJ, PA, CT area! You can find our salsa class schedule on-line or call us at the studio 312-725-4198 to find out more about our salsa dancing program. We want out clients to be able to hold each other in their arms 5 years from now and still be able to dance.

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