From so many different dating sites to choose from it can be quite frustrating for anyone just getting into the mobile adult dating scene!
Cupid sites are a bunch of thieves who pray on sometimes vulnerable and isolated people seeking companionship. I joined Cupid in New Zealand a couple of years ago and found quite a few women and went on first dates with them.
Cupid is by far not as good as Mingle2day and co but it is not as bad as most reviewers try to tell you.

Because it is one of the bigger online dating sites out there, I had thousands of local women to look through on the site. I would recommend using the site to meet people and make friends but not for serious dating. It is not a site to be taken seriously for dating, but it’s great to meet friends with common interest or views. I see that there is ONE reviewer (Melinda) that has complaints about EVERYTHING, probably the water she drank today.

Honestly, I never would have thought I’d be seriously dating somebody I met online as OKCupid seems more like a site for meeting people, and casual dating but as you can see you never know. Overall, I think OKCupid is highly overrated, and you’re better of with a site like PassionSearch, which I recently reviewed.

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