Ah, the spoon: the most common position for all couples, especially for people married three-to-five years. This position denotes strong egos and a sense of entitlement, according to Samuel Dunkell, a position that tends to be quite popular.
It only really works in a hammock where you're kinda pressed into this position but her snuggled on top is nice. This classic and comfortable couple cuddling position is great in bed or on a large couch with both laying on sides, forming the little spoon (the person snugged up inside) and the big spoon (the person wrapping outside). In this intimate position it is very easy and natural to kiss lightly on the neck, run fingers around the head or lightly rub on thigh or leg for more pleasurable experience. A very nurturing, relaxed, comfortable and loving position with intimate touch and caressing.

In this warm snuggle up in bed position one of you (usually the girlfriend) slip your head under the crook of your partner's (boyfriend's) arm, with your head touching his or her chest so you can feel your partner's heartbeats. One of the best cuddle positions for couples sitting on a couch or bed to arouse sexual desire with intimate caressing, touch and light kisses. Just like the traditional spoon cuddling position meaning, this one shows your affection and devotion to the partner, while perhaps, enjoying a movie together.
What you end up with is a very caring, nurturing, intimate position, creating a sense of protection and safeness.
As time goes on, though, people take this position, which is basically The Spoon with more distance. This cute cuddling in sitting and standing position is perfect for friends, especially BFF (best friend forever) to show emotional support or simply express love - from the TV series "Friends".

It can be the best position while sitting side by side on a couch with limited space, and also feel very pleasant when in bed with one laying on top of the other. Actually, whether you’re a male or female changes the meaning of the spooning position.

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