Fairytale-ishly convenient yet cute, this film is another instance of Telugu cinema having us believe that love does win over all else. Fairytale-ishly convenient yet cute, Vinavayya Ramayya is another instance of Telugu cinema having us believe that love does win over all else. He enjoys being snubbed by her too but to his bunch of friends, it's a much rosier picture of their supposed love story that he presents. Then follow a hurried declaration of love, maiden visit to the temple, desperately falling at Janaki's feet too, only to be told by her that she wouldn't go against her father's wishes.

Bleeding profusely and still getting beaten, he can't stop saying "I love you." She finally says she loves him too but asks him to leave the town.
Rich girl and middle class neighbour are childhood friends - while he is vocal about his love, she has been holding her feelings under check for his own good. She is falling deeper in love with her childhood sweetheart but can't imagine how much her father must be pained back home. On a rather philosophical note, Chaudhary Garu and his family accept him, realising that life cannot be lived without love.

In his debut as the male lead, Anvesh has surely won at least some young female hearts with his sincere lover looks, so what if he was a bit too consistent with them.

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