A significant number of emails are received from single adults sharing details of broken trust, disrespect, and outright negligence in their current relationship. If you have reached such a point, the first thing that I recommend is to step back from the relationship and analyze what is taking place. Every relationship has things that they need to address and this is an on-going process in each one. There is a very common thought process that negatively influences too many single adults when they arrive at a point of knowing that they should bring the relationship to an end.
If you have received objective counsel from a wise person (counsellor or pastor trained in counselling) and have arrived at the point of knowing that you need to end the relationship, do so with sensitivity and Christian love – but with finality. You are human and like the rest of us just because you know that you need to end the relationship does not mean that you will not grieve the loss.

If you do not already have them, set out to find one or two Christians of your own gender to develop a buddy system.
God wants us to be busy in building relationships – with Him, with one another, and with potential mates as they develop.
The writer’s question to me often is centered on whether or not they should stay in the relationship. Take a few minutes to think about what part you have played that contributes to the challenges in this relationship.
Then consider how to approach this topic in a way that affirms the relationship but does clearly shares that it is a detriment to the relationship. If you are not able to do this process in a healthy and mutually beneficial way, then it is time to consider ending the relationship.

On one side make a listing of all the good things that you know and enjoy about the relationship.
Share this with a trusted Christian friend of your own gender and ask them to hold you accountable for the steps that need to be taken.
Whatever the reason, this area needs to be discussed with them and processed through to a healthy conclusion if the relationship is to be successful.

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