Even though a romantic relationship can add a lot to life, know that the love and affection you receive from a guy can never compare to the love that God has given you through Jesus Christ. Don’t believe the lie that you somehow become complete or more valuable the moment you find the right romantic relationships.
Being in a relationship with someone who intentional when it comes to his walk with the Lord will make a difference in the way He is intentional about you. Don’t give your heart and your time to someone if they’re not willing to be intentional about you. If you’re looking for big answers when it comes to relationships, you won’t find it by constantly rereading old texts or trying to search for clues in his actions. Don’t believe the lie that you have to look a certain way or meet the world’s standards of dating in order to have a good relationship. Don’t let what you see in society convince you that godly, intentional relationships are no longer possible. One day you’ll wake up and you’ll be so glad you didn’t settle for just anything and you chose to wait on God’s plan. When it’s starting to get late and you find that you’re waiting up for that text, that direct message, or that phone call, remember that this is a moment where you have every opportunity to go to the Lord instead. The way that you prepare your heart for a godly intentional relationship in the future is by praying for the kind of relationship that is focused on pursuing God’s Word more than anything else. Wait for the relationship with the one who doesn’t just desire the two of you to draw closer together, but also for the two of you to draw closer to Christ. You are not any less beautiful or valuable because of the relationship that you don’t have yet.
From this very moment all the way you your wedding day and everyday beyond, let your focus be on pursuing the heart of God in every single aspect of your relationship goals. Let your heart be so filled with the joy of the Lord that you start to forget about the texts you didn’t receive, the guy who unfollowed you, or the person who started dating that guy you liked. Even when you’re feeling like a total outsider, never overlook an opportunity to be more like Jesus and make time for other people who are outsiders, too. Be the kind of girl who knows that what God’s Word has to say about her life and her future is far more valuable than the words or opinions of any other. It doesn’t matter who unfollowed you social media, who excluded you from their circle, or who didn’t see your worth, God’s plan for your present and your future remain superior. Be the kind of girl who is never too busy to stop and take time for the people that God has placed in her life.
Instead of worrying about the people who are no longer in your life and have stopped supporting you, praise God for the ones who never left.
No matter how much negativity you’ve had to endure, keep sowing seeds and keep being faithful to the Lord.
It doesn’t matter what went wrong this morning, this week or this month, God is still faithful and you are still alive. Be the kind of girl who doesn’t just dream, but is consistent and faithful to the Lord in everything she does, even before she sees the outcome. God is near to you and he knows the desires of your heart, so take delight in Him and don’t worry so much about the future and what hasn’t happened yet.
When it comes to the things you’re desiring and praying for, don’t let other people’s voices get into your head so much to the point that tit keeps you from listening to the voice of the Lord.

Be the kind of girl who knows that no matter how much this journey feels like an uphill battle, now is not the time to give up, because her God is with her and He is equipping her to be strong in this very moment.
Never let what you see on social media keep you from seeing that you are valuable and not to be compared to others. Be the kind of girl who knows that her confidence is not in who she knows, who she’s dating, where she went to school, or how much money she makes, but in who she is in Christ. If you want to be confident and have a sense of security in your life, that comes from the Lord alone.
The way she looks and what other people think about her can never compare to the beautiful things that God is doing inside of her heart.
When it comes to your outlook on you life and the decisions that you make, be the kind of girl who no longer allows the words of other people to wear down her heart, because she knows that it’s God’s Word that is written on heart, and there’s nothing that anyone can do to ever take that away. The shape of your nose, the texture of your hair, the shape of your body, and the way that you smile are not mistakes. No matter what things in your life have been hard over the past few years, you have to remember that because of the Lord and how good He is, you are never ever too broken or too far gone to start over in Him. When you start feeling yourself sinking into the old lies of “that’s just the way it is” and “things will never change,” remind yourself that in Christ, you have an all new perspective now. When you find yourself looking around and searching for something more, never forget that you won’t find it out in the world somewhere.
When it comes to what lies ahead, spend less time worrying and more time in worship, for God is the one with the answers to every question about the future that has ever crossed your mind.
This is an absolutely brilliant sermon by Timothy Keller called “Sex and the Romantic Solution,” in which Pastor Tim does a cultural breakdown of popular love songs and Hollywood romance from decades past and recent, including Bruno Mars and Bridget Jones’ Diary, and talks about the painful quest of the human heart for romantic love.  He makes a case for exclusive sexual love and how Christianity offers the best possible way for romance. Pastor Tim Keller has had a huge impact my own faith and writing, and was threaded throughout my recent book on dating (I quoted him 7 times, and his influence, also my influence, C.S. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It’s only going to get better when you put your focus on the Lord and let Him be the one who makes the pieces of your life fall into place. Inserted, believe in this beautiful truth: it is Jesus that you need and He alone is the One who completes you.
Love starts with your relationship with Jesus and knowing what it means to humbly love your friends, family, classmates, and people at your church and in your community in a way that brings glory to God. Dating intentionally as you prepare your heart for marriage is far better than settling for someone who just wants to date you just because. Guard your heart and your mind and let God be the one who strengthens you for the kind of relationship is purposeful and pleasing in His sight. Choose to please the Lord, not people, and wait for the relationship with the one who is doing the same. You’ll find it when you learn to love like Jesus first, and let that be the foundation of every other relationship in your life.
Guard your heart and continue to live your life for the Lord and wait for what is that He has in store. Wait on the one who knows who your heart belongs to and knows who his heart belongs to as well.

No matter how dark the world seems to be get, Jesus’ light will always shine brighter, and in Him, there is always hope for the future. Find your contentment in the arms of Jesus and be comforted in the fact that God has your future planned. God is preparing your heart, so be diligent in the things of the Lord and wait for the One that He is preparing who is doing the same thing. Focus on the Lord and let His joy make you strong, as He makes a way for you to move toward what it is He has planned for you.
Thank God for where He has you today, and the people you call family that He has already placed in your life.
In Christ, you’re supposed to stand out, and being different from the world is actually a good thing. Instead, focus on bringing glory to God in everything you do, and in His timing, He will lead you exactly where you need to be.
God knows where you want to go and He knows where you need to be, so by trusting Him, there is no reason or need to ever compare or compete.
True beauty radiates from the heart and shines from the inside out in a way that brings glory to God. Instead, go before the One who does have it all together and trust that He knows what to do with the things you’re really dealing with inside.
Through Jesus Christ, you have already been given life and even though you might not feel equipped, He is your strength to no longer be stagnant, but to get up and go live for Him. Remember that He is not far away, but very near to you, and He is ready to renew your thoughts and your attitude. Fix your mind on Him and don’t let the lies of the enemy and your fears and insecurities control the way you think. So it’s time to let of the reigns and stop worrying yourself to sleep, and let God reign in everything. So make sure your perspective on love looks like Jesus, and let it influence every single relationship in your life. Have daily conversations with Him about your questions and let Him be the one who gives your heart where it needs to be.
Be thankful for those relationships right now, honor your father and mother now, and spend time with your siblings.
So spend time with Him more than you spend time with anyone else, and watch what he begins to do in every aspect of your life. Take a long, loving look at your Heavenly Father and focus on Him more than you focus on school, dating, fears, doubts, insecurities—everything. Be the kind of girl who is willing to trust God because she knows that no matter how hard this life gets, He will no abandon her, and He has all of the answers she’s looking for. Let God be the One who transforms the way you think, for what He has in store for you is good and pleasing and perfect. The old has passed away and in Him, it’s time to move forward, so behold, you belong to Him and new things have come.

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