Dishwashing liquid can be used, but like all wood products, mango wood should not be placed in the dishwasher. For this reason, mango wood is an excellent wood with which to manufacture (providing it came from a good source) because is a by-product of the food industry, and is therefore sustainable. Because mango wood is extremely dense and hard, it is an excellent material for kitchen accessories, like chopping and serving boards. Besides, mango contains appreciable quantity of provitamin A, vitamin C and soluble sugar (Samad et al., 1975). The unripe fruits contain nearly 50% more vitamin C than the ripe ones and in mineral content, mango holds an average position among fruits and in containing iron, unripe mango is the first and ripe fruit, about the 16th position among all major fruits (Hossain, 1989).
In Bangladesh it is called as “King of the fruit”.Due to certain limitations of soil and climate conditions, the mango grows better in some selective areas of Bangladesh. The leading mango growing districts are Nawabgonj, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Dinajpur and Kushtia. Mango ranks third among the tropical fruits grown in the world with a total production of million metric-tons (FAO, 2004). According to BBS (2004), Bangladesh produces 190 thousand metric-tons of mangoes per annum from 50.61 thousand hectares of land. The grafted mango plants are concentrated in a few places in the North-Western region of Bangladesh and mangoes of unknown varieties (seedling mangoes) are grown in the southern and other parts of Bangladesh (Bhuiyan, 1995). To overcome these problems, development of mango variety(ies) by evaluation at different agro-climatic regions may be important. This requires a wide survey and collection of superior mango germplasm from home and abroad and thereafter their detailed evaluation under Bangladesh conditions or even for specific region is necessary.The commercial mango varieties namely, Gopalbhog, Khirsapat, Langra, Fazli, Ashwina etc.

Some of these may be high yielder with superior quality and possess a regular bearing habit.Recently, some exotic mango varieties including hybrid mangoes are gaining popularity in Bangladesh, which also could help to enrich our varietal lot. So, it is necessary to find out the qualitative performance of elite varieties in the eastern areas.Due to lack of scientific information on physical and chemical characters of the fruits of different varieties of mango grown under Bangladesh conditions, a large quantity of this valuable fruits waste during the peak season, particularly in “on” years. So, these characters are very important to the consumers for selection of a particular variety.Characterization is an important aspect for documentation of performance of the studied cultivars, which subsequently will help to introduce, select and improve the existing mango varieties. But, information regarding the morphological and phsio-morphological characteristics of mango varieties growing under different regions of Bangladesh is scanty. But variations in fruit characters as well as physio-morphological composition among the mango varieties may occur because of difference in soil and climate or because of variable rootstock used in propagation (Jagirder and Maniyar, 1960) or due to the propagation of varieties for improvement in mango (Naik et al., 1958). So, it becomes useful for the growers also in determining the cultivars to be grown.In Bangladesh there are many genotypes of mango having diverse characters. The basic key to bring about the genetic upgrading of a crop is to utilize the available or created genetic variability.The qualitative and quantitative improvement of plants depends on the available gene pool and its manipulation.
Several research works have been done in the world pertaining to the flower and fruit characteristics of mango. Ali and Mazher (1960) described different time of emergence of flowers in various mango growing tracts viz.
Moreover, flowering duration of the different cultivars ranged from 25 to 35 days.Hossain and Talukdar (1974) studied the panicle characteristics where its color varied from deep to light green. Mango flowers are borne on terminal of pyramidal panicles, glabrous or pubescent; the inflorescence is widely branched, usually densely flowered with hundreds of small flowers.
They recorded the highest fruit set per panicle (19.33) conducted an experiment to evaluate the performance of 18 exotic mango germplasm.

Fazli and Langra also had high pulp contents.Ghose and Hossain (1988) studied the physiological characteristics of 10 mango varieties at Joydevpur and narrated that mango varieties under study varied greatly in shape, size, skin color and weight. Kalibhog was considered superior one in respect of size, shape, edible portion, taste and finally the flavor to all the concerned 10 varieties.An investigation was carried out by Saha and Hossain (1988) to evaluate the fruit characteristics of 11 mango cultivars. Fruit of Bombay green is green Carobao, Manila, Mulgoa and Arumanis are greenish-yellow and Haden, Keitt and Tomy Atkins have a striking red blush as reported by Mukherjee (1997).Sardar et al.
The techniques and results of isoenzymic experiments on melon, cucumber, tomato, Capsieum, Carica, Citrus and mango using peroxidase and phosphoglucose isomerase [glucose-6-phosphate isomerase] are presented. Among them, about ten to twelve years old twenty indigenous, exotic and hybrid mango plants (Table 1) were selected for the study.Table 1.
Ten of selected fruits were put on the laboratory desk at a room temperature for recording their physical characteristics. Recently, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis is most popular as a supporting matrix for electrophoresis while many supporting materials have been used.
Vertical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) was used for isozyme analysis from immature leaves of mango.
Genetic distance values (D) (Nei, 1972) were calculated asRESULTS AND DISCUSSION:The results on 60 different characters of 20 mango germplasm have been presented and discussed under following heads. These results were found to be similar to the observation of Hossain (1989) who reported that mango under Bangladesh conditions it took about four to six months to reach maturity after flowering.

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