The anxiety dream mirrors a similar one Kate, 29, is said to have had in 2006, just before she started her new job as an accessory buyer at Jigsaw.
Lauri: Like a mirror, dreams are a reflection of whata€™s really going on in our life as well as what is going on within the self. Whether it is a problem with your relationships, your career, your self image or your finances, your dreams hold all the answers! This morning I was a guest on 95.5 WIFC in Wausau, WI with Dave and Stacy when a listener called in complaining about the spiders that had infested her dream. Whether it is a problem with your relationships, your career, your self image, your finances, your dreams hold all the answers!
Hey parents, ever get that horrible dream where your child runs into the traffic of a busy street and… BAM!! I was a guest yesterday morning on KWTX 97.5 in Waco, TX with Chrissy and Dillon when a very distraught woman called in with this dream. That dream youa€™re wondering about right now is trying to tell you something YOU NEED TO KNOW! Now that Barbara can see her mom’s behavior as that of the ugly black dog in the dream, she has a clearer picture of the situation and therefor a clearer head when figuring out how to handle it.
Before I went to sleep, Ia€™d just had a disagreement with my boyfriend and we settled it.
That night I dreamed that a guy that I used to be involved with was laying on top of me kissing me!
Lauri: Since you are currently figuring out your relationship with your boyfriend, you can bet this dream is stepping in to helpa€¦ especially after your disagreement. Kissing in a dream is almost always connected to conversation in waking life because a€“ like kissing a€“ it takes two mouths to communicate. I believe this dream reflects a certain level of triumph on your parta€¦ triumph over old patterns of behavior that may have threatened your current relationship. Response from the dreamer: Thank you so much for your response and giving such an in-depth analysis of my dream.
Surprisingly, during that time Ia€™d been thinking about what went wrong in a couple past relationships (the ex in the dream is included). I feel like this dream and your interpretation has helped me to establish clear connections between the relationship with the ex and the incident with my boyfriend.

Your dreams are such a powerful part of who you are.A  They are giving you answers and direction, even warnings you need to know every night of your life. You’d be surprised how many times I hear from good, honest, hard-working individuals who report this dream to me. Your dreams are such a powerful part of who you are!A  When you can understand your dreams, you can change your life!!A  Just about everything you dream about can be found in my instant dream decoding dictionary. Last night I dreamt I was standing in the kitchen with Gordon Ramsey from the TV show Hella€™s Kitchen, and a big alligator came in!A  I jumped on top of the island and started smacking it with a spatula.
Lauri:A  Anything with large sharp teeth in a dream refers to someone in waking life who has sharp, biting remarksa€¦ and Gordon Ramsey is certainly known for his sharp criticism of the contestants on his show. This was an excerpt from my newest book a€?Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Lifea€?. We caught up with Delphi Ellis, a qualified therapist and specialist in dream analysis, to learn about the five most common dreams and what they mean.
Most people are unable to see themselves in a mirror when they dream… or when they do, they tend to look really strange! Unfortunately, it is a very common dream, but the good news is that it is NOT a dream that is showing you the future so fear not. This is what dreams do for us, give us clarity and understanding we can’t really grasp while awake. Okay, leta€™s talk about this ex and see if we can figure out why your dreaming mind chose him to get its message across to you. You helped me realize that the incident with my current boyfriend conjured up negative feelings that I felt with the ex a€“ feelings that eventually led to me breaking it off with him.
Your dreams take you on a journey every night, and to dream of falling depends very much on how you experience it.
A lot of important conversations take place in the kitchen, so pay attention to the rooms which appear in your dreams and what message they're trying to convey. We can't guarantee all dreams will be analysed, but we'll pass a selection on to Delphi for her opinion. The dream is a manifestation ofA  the vulnerability that such a situation creates within you, the worry over how others may perceive you. The point at which we awake from a dream is the main point our dreaming mind wants to leave us with.

When you can understand your dreams, you can make huge, positive and lasting changes in your life.
As disturbing and heart-wrenching as this dream is, it is actually coming to you to make sure you appreciate the time you and your rapidly growing munchkin have together. Whatever this ugly situation is, your dream is warning you that it is beginning to affect your children too. I wanted to be able to recognize signs with the others that I may have missed while I was involved with them a€“ signs that if I could catch now with my current boyfriend could save me some hurt and pain. It helped me put the incident into perspective by not letting those fears from past relationships trump the incredible bond I have with my current boyfriend.
Grab yourselfA a copy of one of my books and youa€™ll easily understand your dreams every morning and get a HUGE edge in life. The reason why is because our dreaming mind looks at our self psychologically, not physically.
When a dream draws attention to the face, it usually means there is a reality you need to face, and your dream mirror is showing you that reality quite clearly.
What you see in the mirror is not a commentary on your physical appearance but rather a reflection of your psychological state at the the time of the dream. All the sand could also imply this is a desert setting, in which case this dream may be about an area of your life that has not been very productive lately, an area of your life that feels barren, where there is not much going on. Through this dream you are realizing that, like the precious stone that is a diamond, so is your wife precious.
Your dream is showing that, in the midst of all this waiting or in the midst of all this lack of progress you have managed to find value. The reference to your father may also be linked to your finances as our fathers in dreams often represent our own ability to bring home the bacon and manage said bacon. Yes, my wife is precious and I just Love her Thank you very much of taking time to analyze my dream.

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