First, though, the water sign Pisces has to meet the earth sign Capricorn, which will prove difficult considering they are both introverts. And while the Pisces woman can be more emotional than he is, the Capricorn man is patient enough to work through her feelings with her. The Capricorn male will most likely take control of the situation between the sheets, which she has no problem with. This will help to keep things balanced outside the bedroom as well, for his loyalty matches hers. The Capricorn man is steady and grounded in his lovemaking and she is dreamy with her head in the clouds.

The Capricorn male will have to learn to loosen up and live in the moment with her if he is to join in her spiritual experience. Pisces is a mutable water sign whereas Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, the Pisces woman Capricorn man compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts rating.
Neither one likes to go out and socialize, so the Pisces and Capricorn will most likely be introduced through friends or perhaps business dealings. Because of this give and take they develop with each other, they will eventually decide to move things into the bedroom.
Because the Pisces woman Capricorn man couple are so dedicated to their partner, they are able to utilize their individual strengths and work through their weaknesses.

And while the Capricorn man is driven and ambitious, she offers him dreams and goals he never would have conceived of by himself. But if the Capricorn man can teach her initiative and she can help to calm him down after a stressful day, they will maintain a wonderfully peaceful existence throughout their life together.

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