Our regular readers might remember us saying that one of the best things to do on a night in with your boyfriend is to get drunk! No, this isn’t a game that you play with your friends, but actually just the two of you alone. This game often results in you both being drunk and naked — the perfect combination when you’re with your boyfriend in my opinion!
Oh, and for an added twist, try making the person that ends up drinking the vodka shot do a dare!
This is definitely a game best suited for couples, though I have seen it played at parties! Then you roll the dice twice, the first roll determines the body part, the second determines the drinking method.

OK, so this one is technically not a drinking game, but it’s a fun game to play and definitely one that requires some alcohol to make you more daring!
All these games are great fun, and provide the perfect combination of intimacy with your boyfriend and getting drunk. You can drink throughout the game at your own pace (though faster usually helps!), but when all your chips have been lost you have to take off a layer of clothing. To be honest, any show will do, preferably one where there are several main characters, and sitcoms usually work best for this.
There is also the potential for some sexual revelations during this game, which can be extremely funny!
On the first list you need to put body parts — try being quite creative and naughty, so things like boobs, thighs and stomach often work best!

So it’s best to do something fun, and what better way to enjoy drinking alcohol than to play a drinking game!
Of course, in some episodes different characters will speak more frequently than others, which can make this game even more fun as one of you ends up more drink than the other! As time passes you will probably want to fill more and more of the shot glasses with vodka, as this speeds up the drinking process!
This often works best if you create a list for your boyfriend and let him write one for you!

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