If the person who blew you off also happens to be your steady boyfriend, you might run through a series of extreme emotions at lightning speed. Ask your boyfriend directly what happened, but avoid passive-aggressive comments like, “I see you’re not dead.” Listen openly to his explanation and ask clarifying questions if needed. Whether to forgive your boyfriend is up to you, but starting an argument is counterproductive. One example was a cute law student living with her French boyfriend of five years who compensated for his insecurities by being hostile.
A “Flake” is a girl who fails to turn up to arrangements, hence the term “flaking” being used as synonym to being “stood up” on a date.

If you do not want your woman to fall in love with you then stop reading, this has only been tested eleven times, ten of which have seen the receiving party become infatuated with the man. This comprises you inventing a special handshake with the woman and using it every time you see her (especially in front of her friends) and particularly in front of her boyfriend or other males. The reason is that it is a process designed to help you grow into a man who can open every time successfully whilst being as lazy as possible. Particularly if you are being natural, as no one likes to feel that they were rejected for being themselves.
Being counterintuitive can come in handy in all circumstances where people base their actions on what they believe you will do because that’s what the normal person would do.

If you are not prepared to reciprocate the feelings you are about to create, then stop reading.

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